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  1. Hello, I would like to remember my TID easily. (same thing for my SID) That's why I wanted to change my Trainer ID. Is there a kind of rule for the TID/SID couple? Are there some "illegal" TID/SID combination in ORAS? Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you for your help! Maybe I'm gonna use my Pokemon X cartridge to obtain Jirachi, it would be easier. (less informations to edit) My Arceus seems perfect now :grog:
  3. Oh, too bad. :frown: I'm going to keep the one I got using the wondercard though, a Shiny Jolly Arceus. I'm still looking for Jirachi and Rayquaza, if someone have a legal one and want to share it with me!
  4. Guys, I wanted to ask you something. I'm going to use the Arceus wondercard but I've just a French 3DS with my French OR cartridge. Is there something I've got to change on the Arceus to make him fully legal? (Like Language, Country, 3DS Region, that kind of stuff... If it possible I would like the Arceus to keep his name written in French/English) And I'm still looking for WHF15 Rayquaza and the Shiny Tanabata Jirachi (pkx 'cause it shouldn't be redeem on OR), I searched alot on Google but couldn't find a pkx/wc6 that was totally legal (or in fact, it wasn't possible to know if it was a legal one or a fake one...), do you know where I can find this? Any help would be greatly appreciate! :-)
  5. Il semblerait que le SID soit toujours 81. Attention aux faux events qui vont fleurir un peu partout... Par contre, j'avoue que ça me plairait que quelqu'un puisse nous partager le shiney... It seems that the SID is 81, whatever the item the Arceus is holding. Be careful to the fake events which will be available for trade... It would be great if someone could share the shiny one...
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