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  1. After a quick look at your battle videos files I think the ek7 data seems to start at address E41 with the expected size of E8, and a gap of 28 empty bytes between every mon. Proof of this is that I know you used a Kommo-o named JACK SPARROW on first slot c: I'll be taking a deeper look later. EDIT: Nevermind, as always E8 bytes for every Pokemon. First six Pokemon, I assume users team. Slot 1 - E41 Slot 2 - F45 Slot 3 - 1049 Slot 4 - 114D Slot 5 - 1251 Slot 6 - 1355 Second group of Pokemon (I assume opponent teams). EK7 from this ones doesn't show up a proper nickname on pkhex, just blank data, idk if it's because your opponent used weird character or if it's any flaw on the program) Slot 1 - 145E Slot 2 - 1562 Slot 3 - 1666 Slot 4 - 176A Slot 5 - 186E Slot 6 - 1972 I'll try to confirm this with my own backups asap
  2. I made a much better explaination of how to just dump the specific battle video without using an HeX editor here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48749-Dump-online-battle-videos-from-codes It also provides info about how to get the proces pid at any running time.
  3. I'll simply put the relevant steps/commands for their usage with Pokemon SM and NTR Debugger here, but you can still read all the research that was done back in sixth gen times by opening the spoiler: 1 - Get NTR CFW loaded and start the debugger 2 - Connect to your 3DS debugger using the PC client 3 - Write the code of the battle video you want to dump on the Vs. Recorder. 4 - Start the video playing 5 - While the video is playing write the following command 6 - Video will be saved on the same folder as your NTR Debugger client. 7 - You can open this file with PkHeX to see the involved player's team. *Replace YOUR 3DS IP with the one that corresponds to yours. You can easily get it using third party homebrew like FTPbrony* *The number in bold is the process id that corresponds to the game and may vary between reboots, you can check which one is it by using the command listprocess() at the moment of dumping by looking at the one that corresponds to niji_loc*
  4. I clearly said this won't be very useful at local events. I just wanted to share the command in case someone finds it useful but of course is up to you to choose whatever method you want
  5. I dumped several times Pokemon RAM using NTR, also mainly the 0x08000000 region and being patient and it always crashed, but ofc I there's always the chance I've doing something wrong beside that. Anyway I still find more convenient the PC client if you already located the portion of the data you want to dump
  6. Dumping pieces of RAM directly using the built-in NTR usually results in you having to reboot the 3DS after that because otherwise it will hang at a black screen. This ofc won't be useful at local events unless you bring you computer with you but for Internet and serial codes I always use the debugger since is more convenient because it lets you dump very specific portions of data and won't trigger any button press by mistake on the 3DS, this command dumps the .wc6 directly to your PC through wifi. data(0x8C695BC, 0x108, filename='event.wc6', pid=0x29) ofc you will have to replace the pid for the process with the one corresponding your game at the moment. In my case using an Alpha Sapphire cardtridge its usually tied with either 0x29 or 0x2b
  7. Which event are you trying to reproduce?
  8. So basically what is left is: {0} learned {2} from {1} - I've doubts about if this memory allows HM/TM only or does take in count level-up moves as well. Encounter - Specific Slot {0} went fishing with {1}, and they caught {2} - Filter by SlotType? Slots that result from fishing need to be flagged when the program loads. I'm totally lost here. I originally though doing this through a simple array like the one used for PKMN Centers should indeed work, but since you mentioned the SlotType thing idk which other method already implemented could be used for this. I also just noticed two memories: {1} had {0} hold items like {2} to help it along. {4} that {3}. {1} used {2} when {0} was in trouble. {4} that {3}. In this two memories the allowed TextVar refers to an item but on both cases it allows to choose Key Items and HM/TMs that of course a Pokemon cannot hold/use under any case. Could be argued that the second one should allow TMs/HMs since they can be used to teach a move but I think the "was in trouble" part clearly states that it refers to in-battle usage.
  9. I friend of mine got me a serial code for the shiny Descartes Yveltal from "Salón del Cómic de Barcelona". I extracted it from ram using NTR. Here's a proof in picture: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13285[/ATTACH]
  10. There's a little bug when the gender of the OT of a Pokemon is different than the current handler, if you click on OT it applies the one from savefile properly, but the color of the gender sign is not updated unless you click twice. Is a small bug I noticed but doesn't have a lot of relevance. Also do you think this: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/309d521201561feab43a347cc76671407332e2b8 could be applied in case we're loading a box as well? The next thing are a few extra things that could be checked from the memories in order to catch some more errors when genning a Pokemon. All of this is going to be a pain to check, and I'm sure I missed some more specific things that could be checked on the memories, and I don't know if you wanted to spend any time on this. I would not mind doing it myself little by little but first I wanted to know your opinion.
  11. Yeah all of this without a save file loaded onto pkhex before, with it loaded there was no issues. As well disabling the editing pk6 option fixed the issue. Thanks! Btw, there's a specific name for the binary that could disable by default that option?
  12. Battle videos stores as current level the one used during battle. So per example a VGC battle locks all the mons to level 50, that may lead to issues like invalid current level being lower than the met one. Also notice the battle video store mons name meeting the language of the player game is using them, but still stores them as the original language, without flag on the nickname. If I playing with a spanish language-set game play against japanese language-set game, the battle video will save all the of my mons with the corresponding spanish name and all the Pokemon from the other trainer with the japanese name regardless of what the real original language is. Per example my Xerneas with japanese name would be save as "Xerneas" inside the battle video (without flag on nickname) instead of "ゼルネアス" which would be the correct name. This actually only affects videos produced from battle where nicknames are not show and leads into PkHeX into marking them as illegal because "Nickname does not match species name." You wouldn't really want to prevent PkHeX from marking this mons as illegal when loaded from battle videos you because people would probably just drag and drop them into their saves without being aware of the problem. The big problem is another: I actually have two versions of the PkHeX binary, and old one where the legality checker was implemented for the first time, and the latest one. Tried to open the same battle video with both. Loaded the same Gengar I know is completely legit from the battle video to Editing Tabs on both. One flags it as illegal (the most recent one) and the other not. "Invalid: GeoLocation -- Previous country of residence but no Handling Trainer." I compared both and what I can see is the most recent version is unable to read latest handler (no-OT) memories when it's loaded from a battle video. I also noticed that PkHeX shows non-OT friendship on the main tab regardless of if the current handler is the OT or not. Of course all of this only happens when the program loads the Pokemon from a battle video, works correctly when loading a separate .pk6 or a complete save file.
  13. I also noticed that switching to a different language makes the Met location as well as all the current and the relearn moves to dissappear and they get set to (None). I also opened a pull request for other minor issues with GeoLocation legality checker: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/pull/92
  14. When this error shows up "Invalid: GeoLocation -- Previous country of residence but no Handling Trainer." it unlocks the part of the memories regarding latest regions the pokemon was on, but only the slot for the latest residence, if the Pokemon has other residences set on Past 1, Past 2, etc... you won't be able to edit them as they're still read only. Workaround for this is to set a latest handler ot to allow editing all of the boxes, but I assume this is not how it should be working. Thanks, you're doing an awesome work on the leglity checker! <3 P.D: Also notice Hidden Abilities are always incompatible with Apricorn Balls
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