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  1. My Original Color Magearna legally obtained via completing the National Dex in Home is flagged as illegal. I noticed its Height/Weight/Scale are all listed as zero and that flgged it as being "improbable". Has anyone else had Pokemon not sent into Legends Arceus(either because they can't or simply weren't) have 0 in all three stats like me? This Pokemon was moved from Home to Shield after I first got it, and just moves from Shield to Home to Violet so I have no idea if this is a hiccup from Home/Violet or what.
  2. You must have edited it in ways besides that, because the RNG reporter shows that you have the wrong ability. In that program ability 1 means it's the second normal ability slot .So it should be "Levitate (2)", while ability 0 would actually be the first normal ability slot "Levitate (1)"
  3. Alolan Raichu are not flagged for having the Twinkling Star Ribbon or the Hisui Ribbon, even though it is impossible to evolve any Pikachu into Alolan Raichu on the Switch. I would need to check if Alolan Exeggutor and Alolan Marowak have similar quirks with the Twinkling Star Ribbon.
  4. All of my Pokemon from Let's Go Pikachu that have any BDSP/Legends ribbons or have points in contest stats are being flagged as illegal for having those things in my Sword version.
  5. All Glaceon and Milotic from non-BDSP games are flagged in BDSP. All ribbons not native to Gen VIII are flagged as invalid and they both say they can't be encountered in origin game. Other Eeveelutions cloned from the same eevee(in older games not BDSP cloning) with everything else being the same are flagged as legal. Does it have something to do with the fact that both have alternative evolution methods that are coded into the game but are unobtainable without hacking(Ice Stone and Prism Scale?) That's the only connection I can make between the two
  6. The Play 2016 event Mewtwo(which comes at level 100) isn't flagged for having the Footprint ribbon in BDSP despite it not being on the list for "voiceless" Pokemon that check friendship instead
  7. Now that Ranked Battles are out, does reaching Master Rank in Pokemon SV give you the Master Rank Ribbon from SwSh? Mostly asking because it is still flagged as illegal.
  8. I understand it's a 1/100 chance, but is there a way to how how to modify them so they will be their rarer form upon evolution? Like is there a way to calculate what EC's work?
  9. Shiny Scyther, Teddiursa/Ursaring, and Stantler obtained via the Cute Charm glitch in Gen IV are flagged as illegal after evolving into Kleavor, Ursaluna, and Wydeer, respectively. They are not flagged in their base forms.
  10. I have a Scyther from Gen IV with Pokerus type 4. Evolving it into Kleavor causes it to be flagged saying it can't have that strain of Pokerus, but it is considered just fine as a Scyther and Scizor
  11. I don't know if this is intentional, but the Give All option for the Move Shop in Legends no longer auto checks all species-compatible moves as learned/mastered(like it used to). Instead it only does so for any moves it currently has in its active moveset, meaning you have to manually check all boxes.
  12. I have a Mewtwo from X(that was once used as a Mega Mewtwo X) that I got in a trade back in Gen VI and have since moved to Brilliant Diamond. It was flagged for having an OT memory of getting Earthquake deleted from the move deleter. It says Pokemon cannot learn this move, when Mewtwo has been able to learn Earthquake in every game it's been in(I double checked the XY TM learnset specifically). It is not flagged when in Sword version, only in Brilliant Diamond.
  13. I found multiple different quirks, some were mentioned by other people already but I will mention them: -Pokemon from Gen V and VI are flagged for having any Sheen -Pokemon from Gen I, II, and VII and are flagged for having any contest stats at all -Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus are NOT flagged for having the Tower Master Ribbon (All of the sources I'm looking at says that the BDSP Battle Tower still has the banlist the Gen IV version had, unless it wasn't fixed already since they were around since launch Manaphy and Phione would also be included, since unlike the Legendary Pokemon they are not availble in Sword and Shield where Mythicals are not banned in the Battle Tower, EDIT: I'm guessing Deoxys would be included in this to since it is also not in Sword and Shield) -Arceus and other Pokemon whose caught level is above 70 are flagged for having the Footprint Ribbon(According to other sites you can now also get the ribbon from having high friendship, but this may be incorrect info but I am posting this just in case)
  14. For some Home-transferred Pokemon in BDSP, Egg moves are flagged even though they are ones that can be obtained in BDSP via putting two pokemon of the same species in the daycare to inherit the egg move. For example, Kelcleon has many of its Egg moves(Foul Play, Magic Coat, Recover) flagged even though it is in the same Egg group as Smeargle, and as far as I know there are no illegitimate egg moves in the Field Egg Group due to Smeargle's presence.
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