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  1. Hey, I have a question. I used GM9 on my 3ds to extract the White 2 file, but does it only extract an .nds version of the BASE game, and NOT the literal save file on the cartridge? I'm thinking maybe that's my issue on why nothing is loaded into the save file. ****Edit**** I got it to work and I can use BW Save tool. I downloaded TWLSavetool ands used that to extract the save file on my 3ds. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you anyway! Ill let you know if any other issues occur.
  2. I can try that later today... but I just want to mention that I brought this save file over from my REAL cartridge game, and not from a ROM online. Whats also weird is that when I load the .nds file from my cartridge into DeSmuME, it prompts me to start a new game... I looked into this and I tried to fix it, but no solutions/tutorials work, and I could never get DeSmuME to load what is REALLY in my save file. I may end up uploading the .ds file altogether if nothing else works, and maybe someone can find a solution.
  3. I tried with the .dsv file, and same error. It was 524,288 kb if that makes any difference.
  4. Hey all, I'm trying to load a White 2 file that's 287 megabytes, its a trim file of my 524 megabyte Pokemon White 2 save file. But, whenever I try to open it, I just get an error that simply says "Invalid File". I also remember getting this error about a lack of memory or not enough memory (I will edit this post if I get the error again), but I cant seem to get the error now. I dont know why this error is happening, and I cant find a solution for it. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know. Regards, The_Bibba_Boy
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