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  1. I found a great post by Kaphotics in which they explain how to use AR codes or save editing to edit data from Join Avenue. However, I have no idea what program needs to be used to access this data. I spoke with a former developer who said saves are encrypted and divided into blocks. He said if I wanted to use a hex editor I would need to decrypt the save, modify it, reencrypt it and correct the checksums. I have very limited Python knowledge and have never used a hex editor, so I really have no idea what tools I need to edit the save in this way. Can you give me a summary of wha
  2. Open two PKHex windows and load a save in each one. Then simply drag and drop the pokémon's icon from one window to another. Beware that, if you put the pokémon in a square that is already occupied by another pokémon, the pokémon you are dragging will overwrite the old one: you will lose the pokémon that was originally there and you'll have to reload the save to recover it. Another slower option is dumping or dragging Pokémon into a folder and then uploading them or dragging them to another save.
  3. Hello. Found a small issue with PP counts. I used PKHex to increase Jump Kick's PP to the max possible (16), but instead got 40. In gen I to IV, Jump Kick's max PP was in fact 40, so maybe there's some conflicting data in there? Thanks for creating PKHex and hope you can figure out this issue.
  4. I sped through the early game with a hacked in Haxorus and then manually inserted all the bag items I had in the prior save. Took me about 2 hours. Just out of curiosity, how do you do this? And wouldn't the flags that check the championship be imported, too, meaning I'd just end up in the same position?
  5. I activated all Funfest missions without being aware that many of them are only unlocked after the Champion is beaten. Now the game is acting as if I had beaten the Champion (Super Singles Train is active, etc.). I took a look the Event Flags and none seem to uncheck the championship. I have no backups prior to enabling all Funfest missions. I can't figure out unchecking the championship or the missions so I guess I'm screwed. Any ideas to revert the change or is all lost?
  6. I have a Snivy with hacked max out EVs (except for Attack). Since it already has a hacked Huge Power ability, max Attack EVs would be way too broken even for my tastes. So it has 255 of everything and 0 for Attack, but it seems every time it gains an Attack EV by defeating an opponent, it shoots all the way to 255, meaning next time it levels up, the Attack stat skyrockets by 20 points or so? Is there a way to keep the Attack stat in 0 but everything else in 255? Only way I can think of is hack in infinite EV-reducing berries but that'd be quite bothersome to implement with ever
  7. OK. Thanks. So I just uncheck the "Cobalion disappeared" box and the same for the others?
  8. Let me explain. I want to start a White/Black save file, then use PKHex to change the Event Flags in such a way that the game reacts as if you already went through the story, got every badge, beat the E4, etc., but the Legendaries are still available. I don't even know if this is possible. I thought about just going and checking all the badges, event flags, etc., but don't know exactly what to check/uncheck for the game to react as if I just recently beat the E4 and have all legendaries available. Is this possible?
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