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  1. I have a Snivy with hacked max out EVs (except for Attack). Since it already has a hacked Huge Power ability, max Attack EVs would be way too broken even for my tastes. So it has 255 of everything and 0 for Attack, but it seems every time it gains an Attack EV by defeating an opponent, it shoots all the way to 255, meaning next time it levels up, the Attack stat skyrockets by 20 points or so? Is there a way to keep the Attack stat in 0 but everything else in 255? Only way I can think of is hack in infinite EV-reducing berries but that'd be quite bothersome to implement with every level. Any alternatives?
  2. OK. Thanks. So I just uncheck the "Cobalion disappeared" box and the same for the others?
  3. Let me explain. I want to start a White/Black save file, then use PKHex to change the Event Flags in such a way that the game reacts as if you already went through the story, got every badge, beat the E4, etc., but the Legendaries are still available. I don't even know if this is possible. I thought about just going and checking all the badges, event flags, etc., but don't know exactly what to check/uncheck for the game to react as if I just recently beat the E4 and have all legendaries available. Is this possible?
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