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  1. can you do the pokeball, greatball and ultraball cheaper because i didn't had to much money and balls for catching all shadow pokemon. maybe it was my fault.
  2. I think all 3 regis should be available because the birds and the dogs are catchable too. Edit: Mew would be awesome too and Poliwrath and Politoed
  3. I wish me more catch able bug pokemon in this game for example beedril, Butterfree.
  4. i think the shiny rate is good not to high and not to low for this typ of pokemon game.
  5. i found a new bug with the text of the attack superpower: and i found the next shiny and still this isn't a shadow one BibleThump
  6. Which bug fixes and features will the Nest update have?
  7. when is true, stars can you change the duplicated pokemon in the lategame out? for other pokemon.
  8. is this normal that i can continue my progress in the battle mountain but i never battled there before?
  9. does anyone know when gardevoir learns moonblast? and altaria is really awesome i got one on level 36 and my team is only on 30 atm and what is your team at the moment? pls insert it in a spoiler
  10. i found a shiny while i grind in pyrite colloseum.
  11. yeah i think too the shadow pokemon are stronger. the pokemon from the purple guy is really awesome.
  12. for people who don't have a really strong pc use the Ishiiruka Dolphin build, the build runs faster then the original one. and i found a bug a lot of TMs have the problem.
  13. now i played already a hour on the dolphin emulator and is nice. i have 3 team member now and i catched 2 shadow pokemon.
  14. can you upload a patch with the original battle bingo and battle sim? and do you know how to edit them? i think this would be cool. I'm really hyped for playing this i hope next week or in 2 weeks because my vwii isn't hacked at the moment.
  15. we can't change the color of pokemon skins? when yes we can change the skin of a shadow mewtu.
  16. yeah i want to run it with nintendon't because of the full speed emulation.
  17. i look every day if stars released this game. i hope this hack is compatible with nintendont
  18. I'm really hyped for this hack and I'm glad that you release it in few weeks.
  19. can you release a patch of moon silver but with the 6 gen typ match up chart?
  20. oh is Mac only okay im not interested anymore. can anyone port it to windows?
  21. okay when i randomize the trainer pokemon and not the move will they have the moves of the pokemon on this level or the move of the original game? because the emerald randomizer had the problem with the moves so roxan have a caterpie but it knows rock tomb.
  22. Nice progress so far. I play the randomizer and i have a lot of fun with it.
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