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  1. @Flintiex i found it by the lite Version. @Flintiex okay what we must change by oras? Maybe so i can find the reason for this freeze by XY easier. (I hope anyone find the reason for it)
  2. okay i decrypted with a diffirent tutorial but now i have the next problem i must have a decrypted rom without any updates. i deleted the updates from my 3ds but my 3ds crash every time on the 3ds load screen. how can i decryped a non updated game? what i must do diffirent? what i must deleted?
  3. okay i deleted the patches but now the rom doesn't start. how i can start the rom? this is really difficult with out good guides
  4. okay which content for example? but why the wild pokemon randomizer doesn't work?
  5. okay i have the next problem every time when i randomized the wild pokemon and want test it i don't see the randomized wild pokemon only the normal wild pokemon. but the trainer are randomized.
  6. okay i copied pk3ds in the folder and this work now. but i can't edit the exefs why?
  7. hm idk what i do wrong. i do all steps like in this tutorial. is the folder right? http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=01ffa6-1426368489.png http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=2405a3-1426368583.png http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=0b1154-1426368654.png
  8. hey, i decryptet my dumped pokemon y european rom with gateway with this tutorial https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-decrypt-rebuild-3ds-rom-run-oras-without-his-update.383055/#post-5376178 every time when i open the files with pk3ds and choose no the programm crash. i use the windows 8.1 64bit with german text. what i do wrong? can anyone test it or im to dumb for it?
  9. how i can decrypt my rom with rxtools? i test it but i don't got a decryptet rom. and the most times i only get 0 files
  10. do you used the programm for decrypting? which os do you use? and you can edit the decrypted rom with pk3ds? i use windows 8.1 64bit and crash every time when i use the version oras or xy. does i must deleted things from the decrypted folder?
  11. i used this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ip0GSBs3YA&index=79&list=WL and decrypted pokemon xy. when i want edit the rom with pk3ds the programm pk3ds crash every time. i don't know what i done wrong. do you can test this tool?
  12. hey i decrypted a pokemon x and a pokemon y rom but i can't edit the rom because pk3ds crash every time when i choose the version. my os is win8.1 64 bit with german language. have anyone a idea how i can fix the problem?
  13. Hello, I have problems with rom decrypting can anyone help me? what is the easiest way for decrypting?
  14. does is possible to make a randomizer button to the trainer editor? but thx kaphotic for the wild randomizer. how i can decrypt my rom for edit this? and how i encrypt after editing?
  15. yeah i don't see the shiny stars in the box too.
  16. okay because i heard that a man say they build it.
  17. kaphotic do you found a way to activate the battle frontier?
  18. pkhex works with the european game version and gateway really good. thx for the work.
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