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  1. Always “未将对象引用设置到对象的实例”(I'm from China) when I pack(I use (un)pack tool inside pk3ds) a/0/0/8 of ORAS On which GARC tools 1.3a works
  2. I think you shall check if your exefs folder really has the name "exefs" but nothing else
  3. I am dying to change some...(BECAUSE THEY ARE TOOOOOOOOO BAD!)
  4. Yes. Click the evolution button, and then"remove trade evolutions" to do as you think.
  5. Say hello to Mr.Kaphotics. I wonder what every number of IVs means.
  6. The font of my PK3DS has been always like this since I reinstalled my computer system, How can I change the font it supposed to be? I mean, to change all the font of the words to the font of "options"
  7. .nds file only works on NDS emulators, check if you typed wrong, please. I have a question needed to answer:how can I change the font of pk3ds?
  8. I think it's better idea to write your file folders in English instead of in French because not everybody is native French speaker like you. He's more likely to be working on PkNX and PKHeX since 3DS PM games are not so popular.
  9. Button "Mega Evolutions" only makes Pokemons change between their existing form instead of changing one mon's form to another's. In addition, I found that the "Formes count" unchangeable.
  10. For example, how can I change Audino's mega form into Arceus' Mega form?(Making Arceus can mega evolve into the form and audino lose this form) It won't work as I expected by only changing the textures.
  11. Thanks for teaching me another way to solve the same problem, I said like that isn't because there's only one way but I JUST TRIED THAT WAY. I must say SORRY for my bad attitude that time.
  12. Nothing will work unless you re-extract the game again and use the new a\1\9\5 to replace the old one. Why can I say that? 'Cause I once had the same prob(It occured to Sceptile and Swampert) and I used my way to solve it. Remenber, NOT TO MOVE YOUR MOUSE WHEEL SO QUICKLY!
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