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  1. i've tried that but can't figure out how to get it to work as well as enciclopedia pokemon, hell i can't even figure out how to edit IVs and EVs
  2. hi all, i recently felt like playing fire red again, so i am trying to use the enciclopedia pokemon GBA save editor to change my starter's IVs. however when i load the save file it shows that i have no party pokemon. if i try to edit the first party slot, i get a poisoned bad egg in the last slot when i load the game again. any ideas / better save editor?
  3. thanks very much, that answered all my questions in a very concise manner
  4. i see - in that case, what is the relationship between PID and nature?
  5. hi all, i read that there's a relationship between the PID and nature (but not ivs) in black and white. how do i change the PID in pokesav when altering the nature to create a legal pokemon? is it a simple matter of just allowing pokesav to alter the 41h value or do i need to manually change the pid to something else? thanks
  6. hi, is there a code for checking the iv of a pokemon still in the egg?
  7. yes, that's right, i only turned on the 100% catch code at one time and still it fails to catch pokemon have any other ideas?
  8. Riolu Aura Sphere Now, thanks but neither of those work either : ( i know codes are working because i tested other codes and they're fine.
  9. knowing the PID, is it possible to find the initial seed that made the PID?
  10. yes, thanks, this is the code i'm already using, but the problem is it refuses to work on the roaming mesprit...
  11. i wonder if anyone else has trouble with usa platinum 100% catch code? i'm using it and throwing various types of poke balls at the roaming legendaries but the code isn't working, they just break out... anyone have similar problem?
  12. hi, wondering how this works because it doesn't seem to work for me (or i'm doing it wrong) i encountered mesprit, and want to edit it before i catch it. when i go into "events edit" in pokesav, nothing shows up in either of the two slots for roaming pokemon edit. keeping in mind that i've not only encountered the mesprit in the cave but also once in grass. is there another way to do this or a solution for it?
  13. bump ~ also wondering if there is a code that makes shaymin able to stay in sky forme even when it's night. thanks
  14. thanks a lot also anyone else know if there is a working generation 3 save file editor, like pokesav?
  15. hi, i was wondering if it is possible to use any program or such to generate pokemon with "chain shiny" algorithm without specifying exact IVs? how does the algorithm work? now i know the PID-IV generator has a function #3 that is supposed to do this but for me it never returns any results cause you have to put in the exact IVs, and it always shows up as no results. thanks
  16. hi, i was wondering if there's an AR code for HGSS that places all the blocks in all areas of the safari zone? thanks. (the one in the main thread doesn't work for me)
  17. ok, sounds good to me.
  18. you can't with an AR. you need a flashcart..
  19. i'm sorry, i'm very much a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. my objective is to hack a pokemon into a GBA game and then pal park it. using the rudolph gba backup tool, i can create a .gba file of pokemon ruby. but i can't load a .gba file with VBA, only with no$gba. if someone can explain how to generate codes with pokemaker for use in the no$gba that would be great, as the pokestock program doesn't let me choose a .sav to open.
  20. hmm, anyone have a good emulator that supports code? i was using no$gba.
  21. i see. i found this program called poke maker, but seems like it can only generate code. i don't have an AR for the GBA, only the rudolph's gba backup tool, so i was hoping there was a way to edit the save directly.
  22. Another thing. is the pid/iv generator in pokesav capable of making common gba event <restricted> PIDs? i can tell type 1 is normal nds/gba, 2 is wild nds/gba, 3 is uncommon gba or something, 4 is unrestricted gba event, and after that it's all B-A-D-E or something.
  23. is there any existing program that can edit pokemon into a gba game? if not, is there any chance of one being created any time in the future? i would like to be able to modify my gba games with a pokesav-like program.
  24. Can someone check if this looks legal in hex? MYSTRY Mew.pkm
  25. If you had read my post, you would have seen that I specifically said hex editor. I know it'll look ok in legal.
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