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  1. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Here are the Pokemon Colosseum Celebi in French, Italian and Spanish. Something happened with the German one. It had a German OT and was French. I'm going to obtain another one to make sure the German one is just messed up and I didn't do something wrong. I *might* be able to get the 4 missing Pikachu as well. I need to mess around a bit more. 251 - CELEBI - 28DF5C6764D8.pk3 251 - CELEBI - 7882C42E3ACF.pk3 251 - CELEBI - AA7949EAA2E1.pk3 Edit: 025 - PIKACHU - 1141233A5907.ck3 251 - CELEBI - D92DC4B17A5E.ck3
  2. Need help to find pokewalker's pokemon

    This isn't all of them. Most are the Japanese event ones. They were all self-obtained before my Japanese Pokewalker was introduced to the washing machine. JpSoulSilverPokeWalkers.sav
  3. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Somebody on Twitter wondered the same. SnorlaxMonster said it doesn't.
  4. Under Level Collection

    Chandelure, Rhydon and Rhyperior caught by me. Bearatic, Piloswine and Mamoswine caught by @wraith89 112 - Rhydon - F8F613CC7152.pk6 221 - 메꾸리 - 52AD2C54D356.pk6 464 - 거대코뿌리 - 05BA6BD02D95.pk6 473 - 맘모꾸리 - B8A883C7D1A1.pk6 609 - 샹델라 - 7734CC1C40CF.pk6 614 - 툰베어 - 75C1DEBDE565.pk6 Edit: I discovered and caught a level 23 Graveler and Golem in Silver on Route 45. I'll contribute those later. I'm trying to track down more Pokemon first.
  5. Pokemon Colosseum Save Data Transfer Between Cards

    What software/hardware are you using? I've been using the GameCube mod manager since 2013 and I've never encountered this problem. All my memory cards are third party. Before it broke, I used the SD Media Launcher. Now I use a 5$ memory card I got on Amazon and the SD Media Launcher disk. If you can't track down an SD Media Launcher, a 20$ GameCube/Wii Action Replay will load data from your SD card if you have an SD Gecko in your GameCube.
  6. PCNY Gardevoir

    While PKHeX is constantly being updated, it doesn't have every bit of info. For example: The PCNY algorithm.
  7. [Bug] - Invalid: Nickname does not match species name.

    I thought I was up to date already. Thanks!
  8. Under Level Collection

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vS35BDjif2xNne9c97MkHHL6t4NFDINn_6UmDSH_rGo/edit?usp=sharing Here's the link to view. The one on the first page of the thread really leaves something to be desired. On top of jojo's contribution. Here's 31 more. There's some alt-route dupes in here. Several Linoone that are under-leveled at various levels from around Kanto. New folder.7z
  9. I imported some under-leveled Pokemon to an English Heart Gold file. They're French and donated by jojo12100. This isn't the first time I've encountered this. Usually it can be fixed by switching the Pokemon to another Pokemon and then back or clicking 'view' a second time. After looking at the before and after, side by side. It appears PKHeX is having trouble importing the foreign name characters when loading the Pokemon.