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  1. I want to report that the same exact message appears with Analytic Starmie in my BW2 save too 121 - Starmie - E47957FB3D09.pk5
  2. Skarmory shouldn't be able to learn Drill Peck + Whirlwind in the gen 3 games, while it's marked as legal on PKHeX Not sure if this applies to other egg move combos but I just noticed this one
  3. These are my Spanish gen I and gen II saves, but when I load them with PKHeX all of my pokemon appear to be in the Language: English instead of Spanish, I'm not sure if this has any relevancy on the PKM data but I wanted to point it i checked my gen 3 and gen 4 saves and the language was fine, so I think it's only related to the first two generations Pokemon - Edicion Azul (Spain) (SGB Enhanced).sav Pokemon - Edicion Plata (Spain) (SGB Enhanced).sav
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