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  1. I'm guessing only Pokemon with gender differences have a corresponding model and texture for each, yes? See what I wanted to do was replace the texture of each female pokemon with the shiny texture to offer variety but I suppose this isn't possible? Edit: For those that don't have gender differences, perhaps I could simply copy and paste the files of the original and then apply the shiny textures to them, though I doubt that would actually work lol
  2. I see. I assume the same applies to changing the nature and EVs of trainer's pokemon?
  3. Is it possible to have a shiny option for Pokemon in the trainer editor?
  4. Thanks!:smile: As a feature suggestion would it be possible to tie into the evolution editor to allow pokemon to evolve normally into mega pokemon. For example, I want to make it so absol evolves normally into mega absol but right now the drop down list has no option for using mega pokemon models. Not sure if that's possible or not but just an idea I've been toying around with.
  5. On the Trainer editor when I select a Pokemon which has multiple forms the wrong abilities are displaying. For example, gyarados is shown as having all three ability slots as 'Parental bond'. This is a great set of tools btw; only getting round to trying it out now!
  6. Agreed, I feel a decent guide could really bolster 6th Gen editing as all these wonderfuls tools have been made but the process of editing is closed off and can be quite overwhelming to new users. This tool looks extremely useful btw massive thanks to all involved in making it.
  7. These are great tooks Kazo but i'm having a problem with the Sprite editor. Basically for my hack I wanted to replace all the male sprites with the shiny sprites to add more diversity between the pokemon genders. However, after going through every single pokemon and replacing the sprites while having the male box ticked and not the female box. Both male and female sprites are shiny What can I do to fix this?
  8. Added a bunch of 00's to the NCGR and still gives me the same result How many 00's did you add?
  9. I've been following a tutorial to replace some graphics in bw.. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=244408 However, whenever I get to the point of inserting my new image, it always just disappears after double clicking! It says in the guide that this is because the measurements arn't the same as the original, but i've triple checked and they are. In fact, to do a test, I exported the original image, drew a quick yellow line over it then imported it back in, and it STILL disappears :mad: Anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?
  10. Do you the location of the list of names for the mugshots (The gym leadesr, Rivals etc) names that show beside the mugshot in the game?
  11. Thank you! These tutorials are great! Keep em coming Hopefully there'll be a PPRE for gen 5 which would have a script editor for B/W soon..
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