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  1. Sorry, I originally mean't to ask how you edit PCD files, but I wrote PKM instead.
  2. Hi. Does anyone on these forums help me. I'm making a program that edits PKM Files. How would I edit and save a PKM file in C#? ~Crash469
  3. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hi Alpha. Would you be able to test out my new program, Pokémon Card Maker. Just search it in the search bar. Thanks.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  4. Hi. I'm Crash469. I've just made a small program, it just allows you to create Pokémon Trading Cards. Below is a list of what is editable. Editable Things: -Name -HP -Moves and their Damage -Image -Type -Weakness -Resistance -Illustrator After you've finished your card, you click a button at the bottom. The Pokémon Cards usually take 1 minute to generate. Once it is generated, you may save the card as a bitmap. VERSION 2 INFO Version 2 of the MTP Card Creator comes set with a different layout and new pre-set card. I also added the Normal Type, a type I forget to add in Version 1. These cards also take much quicker to generate the card. Below is a download link for Version 1. Megaupload Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OFDVYYNP
  5. Okay, I'll try that soon. I'm busy making Pokemon Horror White now.
  6. I'm planning more for V1.1. I'm working on it now. You can play as Reshiram and Zekrom (if there is no bugs). There is more, but I'll list it later.
  7. I'm using the US version of Pokemon White. And okay, I'll use V1.0.2. EDIT: V1.0.2 didn't work. I still get Invalid File notice.
  8. Whenever I open a NARC or NDS ROM it says invalid file. Could you help?
  9. Hi guys! I'm making a ROM edit called Pokemon Horror Black! I'm nearly finished. If you want to know what is good about keep reading. EDITS If you choose Boy at the start you will play as Reshiram. If you choose the girl you will play as Zekrom. Zorua will be disguised as Mew when activating the event. More location changes. Different wild Pokemon. I'm also taking ideas on what to do in this game! Pokemon Horror W.patch
  10. crash469

    Mew Editor

    I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  11. crash469

    Mew Editor

    Nah, I don't want those. So I decided to remove that fie.
  12. crash469

    Mew Editor

    Sorry guys, but this program has been cancelled. I don't really have time to create this program since I'm busy working on my website and making a small organiser. So, yeah, it has been cancelled. Also, .MEW files will still exist just in my small organiser program I'm creating. ~Crash469:bidoof:
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