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  1. Well thee isn't one might aswell make a few Requests. All Box Wallpaper Max Apricorns Max BP Points (Battle Frontier Points) Max P Points (Pokéthlon Points) Max Coins (Coin Case) Apricorn Juice Maxes Stats for Pokéthlon The Unown Note is Completed All Pokégear Phone Numbers Registered All Pokégear Radio Stations All Gym Leaders are Located in Saffron City Fighting Dojo for a Rebattle Thanks, Twilighterik
  2. I do hope a Gold & Silver Remake with a pokeradar that is touchscreen compatible like the poketch and add more applications! but it's possible if they made another game too a Sequel to Pokemon and have shadow pokemon now that would be something to expect and add wi-fi to it for battling & trading and hopefully DLC. We already have pokemon battle revolution & 2 pokemon ranger games so they better not screw it up!
  3. Is it possible to edit Pokemon's characteristics like for example Loves to eat can that be possible or that is already been found.
  4. Here are some features to add! Diamond,Pearl,Platinum Trainer Select(tentative title): Let Me explain this one You can chose the trainers all over sinnoh and select that you've battled them or haven't battled them. In-Game Events Diamond & Pearl Re-Gift Pokemon Eevee - Bebe Riolu Egg - Riley Happiny Egg - Hearthome City Guy Starters - Lake Verity Platinum Re-Gift Pokemon Eevee - Bebe Togepi Egg - Cynthia Riolu Egg - Riley Porygon - Veilstone City Guy Starters - Route 201 Redo Event Distortion World to Giratina Re-Battle Giratina Distortion World Giratina Turnback Cave
  5. Is there a music list? I want to listen to Giratina Battle & Distortion World
  6. I have a bunch of Requests Re-Battle Legendaries Codes Giratina Distortion World or Turnback Cave Rotom [s]Spiritomb - Plus an activator to activate a battle with spiritomb[/s] <----[color=Lime]Check Official Code Thread[/color] Dialga Palkia Regigigas Cresselia Azelf Uxie Mesprit Regirock Regice Registeel Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Heatran - With Heatran in there and the Team Galactic gone and entered the Battleground Get Pokemon Gifts Again and Again Cynthia's Togepi Egg Bebe's Eevee Veilstone City's Porygon Riley's Riolu Egg Misc Codes Resort Area Villa Bought All Furniture Have All Map Locations for GeoNet Globe Map Take 1 Step to (Pokemon in Daycare Max Out Level 100) Only Sinnoh Dex Activated Only Natonal Dex Activated Updated Instant Egg Code - Add a Calculator Function to pick out the nature,gender,and Shiny & non Shiny [s]Music Modifier[/s] <----[color=Lime]Check Official Code Thread[/color] Max Happiness All Pokemon in Party Walk While Talking - you can walk around while talking Opponent's Pokemon Always Misses Your Pokemon Attack Never Misses All Trainers Defeated - Never Run Into a Trainer Battle again- Different Pokemon from other games & events will always obey you Distortion World is Always open in Spear Pillar Distortion World is Closed in Spear Pillar Completed Sinnoh Dex 210 Seen & Captured Fix Completed Pokedex - Heat Rotom is in there Twice Mow Rotom isn't in there Wondering Pokemon Will Stay in Route 2xx Always Mesprit Cresselia Articuno Zapdos Moltres There's alot but take your time no rush some of these can be easy or hard if you can hack them awesome if not don't worry about it. Thanks, TwilightErik
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