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  1. Got Good News For People Needing The Moveset Files lol Turns Out Ages Ago When I Released My 1st Version Of The Moveset Editor The Tool Got Leaked To Other Sites Who Kept The Original Link http://www.mediafire.com/?kg9upe7fl6f7fe7 <-- Thats My 1st Version With The Moveset Files If You Use That Tool You Can Only Change 22 Attacks But It Should Work Because It Is The 1st Version It Was Only Made For Black And White not Black And white v2 However Doing What I Wrote Above to The Files Should Work
  2. I Have Written What Needs To Be Done 18 Posts From Your Last Post Also Im No Longer Making Tools For Pokemon Anymore A. Because I Have Lost The Projects Due To A Virus B. Because I Am No Longer Interested In Pokemon. I'm Currently Making Mods For Skyrim Also Sorry To Those That Were Waiting For My new Tools I Did However Add All The Narcs Before But Unfortunately They Got Taken Down So Thats Why You Have To Do It Manualy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heres A Quicker tutorial Tools Needed: PPNFR (Project pokemon narc File Replacer) Kiwi.ds Nitroexplorer2b 1. Open Nitro Explorer 2b 2. Go To a/0/1/8 3. Extract That 8 File To Desktop 4. Download Kiwi.ds (Located 19 Posts Up From This Post) 5. Open That 8 file Inside That Program 6. Double Click On The Rar File 7. Click On The Plus Sign 8. Dump 208 File 9. Copy 208 File 648 Times ( So You Should Now Have 649 files) 10. Rename The 208 File From 1 To 649 11. Move All Them Files To Where The Moveset Editor Is Located 12. Create A new Folder Called "Moveset Files" And Put That Folder In The Same Place As Where The Moveset Editor is 13. Put All The Mini Narc Files Into That Folder 14. Open Up Moveset Editor and Click On Any Pokemon You Wish To Edit 15. You Will Notice That Every Pokemon Has Steelix Moveset 16. Change The Moves To What You Want The Pokemon To Know 17. Click On Pokemon Tab Then Click Save 18. Fire Up PPNFR 19. Load Your Rom In PPNFR 20. Replace The File You Just Edited 21. Open Nitroexplorer2b 22. Replace The 8.Narc with Your Modified 8.narc 23. Fire Up Pokemon And Enjoy Your New Moveset --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Wrote This All From The Top Of My Head as I Dont Have To Tools Or The Rom Anymore Its Been Along Time Since I Edited Or Even Played Pokemon So Their May Be Mistakes But You Should Get This Gist Of How To Use The Program ..:::']['-\/\/-|-$-']['-3-|):::F-/\-']['-/\-L:::..
  3. ^^^ I Have Recreated That Tool Will Upload Shortly So You May Aswell Delete That Tool Also @all I Currently Have 2 Weeks Holiday Starting From 21st So I Will Continue With My Master Project, It Should Be finished Within Them 2 Weeks I Haven't made No Progress Due To Work But It Will Defiantly Be Finished In Them 2 Weeks holiday
  4. @Siryeen Very Possible But What Do You Mean By Editing Pokemon Do You Mean Stats (Where Stats = Hp,attack,defense,speed,sp.atk,sp.def,abilities,hold items,) Or Evolutions Or Moveset The Guranteed Way Is To Manuely Edit Them Via A Hex Editor (But You Need To Know How) Or You Can Use My Stats Editor Narc Edition Which Was Primary Made for Modifying Pre Hacked Roms (Because The Narc Data Is Always In The Same Place) Where As The Direct Rom Editing Wouldn't Work Because Drayano Has Repointed The Data How Do I Know This ? Well The Data For The Stats Is In A Different Location Then The Original Black Version 2 Not To Promote Myself But i Can Gurantee My Narc Edition Of My Stats Editor Works With Drayano's Mod With The Moveset Editor you Would Need To Dump The Mini Narcs From The Mod If you Would Like To keep Some Changes The Evolution Editor Should Work Also Becuase It Is Uses Narcs Aswell
  5. Yes The Program Will Only Work If The loaded Mini Narc Has 24 Attacks Because When You Click Save The Program Will Save All 24 Attacks So If The Narc Has Less Then 24 attacks It May Mess Up The Game But To Be Honest I Haven't Tried That But Im Going To Be Updating My Moveset Editor Very Soon To Get Rid Of The Limit Also ffff ffff Has To Be After The extra zeros In Every file
  6. No Only The Moveset You Wish To Edit All The Default Movesets Will Be Stored In The Game Unless You Replace Every Single File If you Copy 208.narc 649 Times and Rename em 1 to 649 Then Every Pokemon Will Have Steelix Moveset In The Moveset Editor But Its Only If You Replace The Files Using PPNFR Then Nitroexplorer2b That The Pokemon In The Game Will Have Them Movesets Its Done By Per File Basis Its Only When You Replace The Narc In Nitro Explorer 2b That The Moveset Becomes Active in The Game So Basicaly Yes You Will Need To Change The Moveset In The Tool To Be Honest That Should Be Ovbious Either Way You Can Either Change The Moveset Files Using My Tool Or You Can Change Them Via Hex Heres A Rundown On What Happens PPNFR Is Used To Replace The Mini Narc Into The Main Narc The Mini Narc = The Pokemon Moveset The Main Narc = The Master Narc That Get Inserted Into The Game (The Master Narc Is All Pokemons Movesets In 1 File That The Game Will Use) The Mini Narc Cannot Be Inserted Into The Game Directly Now How My Tool Works Is When You Click On a Pokemon The Mini Narc File Will Be Loaded Automatically Say You Click On Gengar For Example Gengar's National Dex Number Is 94 Gengar's Index Number In My Tool Is 94 So The Mini Narc File 94 Will Be Loaded And So On Also The Reason The Open Narc Is Disabled Is Becuase It Will Be Used In The Master Project Aswell As Direct Rom Editing If You Actually Hovered Your Mouse Over The Disabled Button It Says (Used For Master Project) <-- I Put That Their For A Reason This Version Of The Tool Was Not Meant To Be Released But Because I Updated It And People Was Asking I Figured I Would Release It Also If You Are Replacing The Files Make Sure You Do it In The Tool because It Gives you Instructions On How To Do Everything 1 Last Thing Always Hover Your Mouse Over Every Readable Text Because Their Is Alot Of Tooltips That Tell You What Stuff Does This Includes Labels, Textboxes, Menu's, Drop Down Boxes I Know They Don't Show For Long but just Keep hovering Til You read The Tooltip(s) Also The Mini Narc Files Must Be Placed In A Folder Called "Moveset Files" And The tool Must Be In The Same Place But Not In The Folder Minus The Quotes = "" Tools Needed Are PPNFR (Project Pokemon Narc File Replacer) - (Used For Replacing Mini Narcs) - (http://projectpokemon.org/mirrors/PPNFR.zip) Nitro Explorer 2b (Used For Putting The Main Narcs Into The Game) - ( http://projectpokemon.org/mirrors/NitroExplorer2b.zip) Kiwi.ds (Used For Dumping Mini Narcs From Main Narcs) - (http://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/ut...-01-f5658.html) Create A Folder Where My Tools Are Call It "Narc Tools" And Place Them Tools In Their For My Tool To Be Able To Load Them
  7. I Have Just Thought Of The First Option I Have Been Doing The Second Option Which Takes A long Time Also When i Created The Moveset Editor i Was Playing Dray's First Black And White Hack So Thats Why I Didn't Dump The Mini Narc Files From The First Rom As It Would Of Taken Me Even More Time It Is A Long Process But Once You Have Done It. It will Make Editing Moveset Much Quicker But When The M Project Is Finished All Tools Will Have Loads Of Features That Will Make Life Easier
  8. Oh Yea Sorry Guys Forgot To Add The Instructions Of How To Use The Moveset Editor Ok So What You Need To Do Is First Extract a/0/1/8 Using Nitro Explorer 2b Once Extracted Open Kiwi.ds NDS Editor (If You Don't Have It You Can Download It Here http://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/utilities/download-nds-editor-01-f5658.html) Once Done Click On File - Open (Or Click On The Open Folder) Once The Open File Dialog Pops up Click On The Drop Down Box Where It Says Supported Files Click On All Files Then Locate To Where You Extracted The 8 File Then Open The 8 File You Should See A Rar File (In Kiwi.ds) Double Click On That Rar File And Another Window Pops up Click On The The All Button with A Tick (The Second Button Up The Top Next To The Page) Now Click On The Page Now All The Mini Narcs Inside That Narc Will Be Dumped (The Mini Narcs Is What The Moveset Editor Will Be Using) Now The Hard Part You Will First Need To Locate Them Mini Narcs (They Should Be Where You Extracted 8.narc Their Should Be A Folder Called 8 or The Mini Narcs Will Be inside That Folder) Once You Have Successfully Found Where They Are You Now Have Two Options 1st Option (Quickest Way But Longer If You Want all Pokemon To Have Their Default moveset) Locate 208.narc (This Is Steelix Moveset It Has 24 Attacks) Delete All Them Files Except 208.narc Once Done Copy 208.narc 648 Times Now Rename Every 1 Of Them Files 1 to 649 Quickest Way To Do This is Get A Mass File Renamer Tool (I Wont Go Into Detail Of How To Mass Rename) Once Finished You Will Be Able To Load All Them Files Into My Moveset Editor Now The Way My Tool Works Is You Open The Modified Mini Narc and Replace It Using PPNFR And Nitro Explorer So Basically You Can replace 1 Moveset at A Time Now The Second Option Is Will Take Alot Longer Option 2. Open 208.narc In A Hex Editor and Note Exactly How Many Bytes Their Is Now To Give All Pokemon 24 Attacks You Need To Add Loads Of Zeros Till It Has The Exact Amount Of Bytes As 208
  9. i Will Be Re uploading My Tools Shorty But You Will Need All The Files I Provided U Last Time Because I Will No Longer Upload The Narcs That You Need (That Was a Good Point From Kaphotics) That Means That If You Do Not Have All The Mini Narcs For the Moveset Editor Then You Will Need To Dump Them Your Selfs And Follow My Tuts On How To Get Them To Work With The Tool I Will Add A Text Document With The Locations Of All The Narcs That My Tools Use And Future Tools Will Use (The Master Project Is Still Being Worked On And Will Edit Everything Except Scripting Or Map Editing) @andrewmyles - I Write Like This Because I Prefer To If You Don't Like The Way I Write Then That Is Too Bad Edit. Tools Now Re uploded The Moveset Editor Has Been Updated And Should Be Easier To Use
  10. Look At The Reason For The Edit I Put That Their As A Safety Measure This Is An Email I Got From Mediafire ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear MediaFire User: MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator's copyright protection. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very Sad Indeed. But You Need A Rom To Use These Tools So I Can Partly See What They Are Saying But Idealy They May Aswell Ban Hex Editors As Well. Since They Allow you To Do The Same Thing My Tools Do Also My Media Fire Account Has Been Locked Aswell. But I Will Continue My Tools But If They Keep Getting Taken Down By DMCA Then I Have no Choice But To Stop Uploading My Tools The Tools Them Selves Are Not Illegal But To Use Them You Need An Illegal File (Unless Of Course You Dump The Rom Your Self)
  11. You Have Several Options At Your Disposal Option 1. Go To Drayano Youtube Channel And All Shall Be Revealed (Recommended No Patching Necessary) Option 2. Throw Mac Out Of The Window And Get A Real OS (Winblows) Or (Linux) - Enjoy The Game With No Issues Option 3. Google Option 4. Download Wine And Get A Tutorial Of How To Use It To Apply Patches - I Think You Can Get Wine For Mac - It Should Be As Simple As Opening The Patcher Via Wine. But You May Need Dotnet Fx etc I Haven't Used Wine In A Long Time But As Far As I Can Remeber You Should Be Able To Right Click On The Patcher And You Should See Open With Wine But Bare In Mind This Was On ubuntu (Linux) I Have No Idea With Mac Or OSX So It Could Be Completely Different By Prepatched Do You Mean AP Fix Or Translation (Or Both) ? If Its A Translation Then It Will Not Work With BBVW2 Also Its Not Necessary To Have Ap Fix Either Since The Patch Has It Included So You Will Need A Clean Rom/Dump
  12. Download Adobe Reader X - Its Free and Works - Type On Google Adobe Reader X It Will Be The First Result At Time Of Writing
  13. Pickleman011 - Go To Where You Downloaded The Patch - For Example Say You Downloaded it To Desktop - You Go To Desktop Double Click On The Folder Named "Blaze Black 2 & Volt White 2 V1.00" Then Double Click On "Documents" Then Open The File Named "Wild List" With A Pdf Viewier I Recommend Downloading Adobe Reader X (If You Do not Have A Pdf Viewer) Its Free And Has Exactly What Your Looking For The Wild List Document Is The File That Tells You All Of Dray's Wild Pokemon Locations
  14. @MarinoKadame - I don't Think Any Pokemon Should Be Duel Normal/Ghost - Reason Why Is Because It Would Not Make Sense - A Ghost Is A Spirit Thus It Is Not Normal And To Be Fair you Can Only See A Spirit On A Camera. Again Proving That It Is Not Normal I Believe That The Normal Type Is Something That Chould Be Seen "normally" Also notice How The Majority Of Normal Type Pokemon Are Based On Real Life Animals Compared To Any Other Type Pokemon You Don't Normaly See A Ghost. Esp Without The aid Of A Camera Or White Noise Saying That Though They Could Create A Pokemon With Said Types And give It An Ability That Allows A Ghost Type To Hit Normal Pokemon - Now That Would Be Pretty Epic And At The Same Time Pretty Hard To Make Sense Of Its Typing @kidd1991 - I Haven't Had no Freezing On The Pwt and I Got Pretty Far On It - Your Best Bet Is To Get An unmodified Rom And Rename Your Save To The New Game. then Beat the Match That Is Freezing And Rename Save Back To BBVW2 And Continue to See If That Fixes It I do Know That That Matches Are Random So Just beat 1 Match And Continue With The Reply
  15. You Can Use My Narc Stats Editor To Do This Yourself It Works With All Roms Esp. BBVW2 I Updated Mainly To Be Used With Dray's B&W 2 Mod. Also I Agree With Charizard Being Dragon/fire But The Reason He/she Isnt Is Because He/she Would Break The Starter Chain/Triangle. Because Dragon Has Resistance To Both Water And Grass Thus Making him/her The Alpha Starter Lmao You Can Do This Yourself By Using Both My Narc Stats Editor And Evolution Editor I Disagree With Shuppet and Bannete Being Part Normal Because A Doll Is A Toy Which Means Its Not Alive And Gengar Would Be Pissed If He Can't Hit A Damn Doll Lmfao Saying That Though A Ghost Normal Type Would Be Amazing Combination Though ( A Ghost That Cant Be Hit By Other Ghosts) Also I Personally Think That Haunter And Gengar Should Definitely Be Dark/Ghost Haunter = Poltergeist - Poltergeist = Evil Ghost - Evil = Dark Gengar = Sarcastic Evil Ghost - Sarcastic Evil = Dark The leer that floats in darkness belongs to a Gengar delighting in casting curses on people. <-- Definitely Dark Typing To Me Lmao Just Looking At Em As Well You Can Clearly See They Should Be Part Dark Type - Especially Haunter With That Said Im Not trying To Advertise My Tools. But To Help People Out With Thier Problems/ Disagreements With The Mod Or Ideas. Anywho With That Said. Again Loving The Mod Drayano. But To Make It Even Harder I Decided To Give Elesa Thundurus, Clay - Landorus, And Skyla Tornadus. Which Makes The Game Alot Harder But Even More Enjoyable at The Same Time Since It Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment If You Manage To Beat Em . So Really Dray Thiers Something You Chould Do In The Next Update Of Ur Mod. If any
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