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  1. Thank you Kaphotics, I made a new Gothorita with the same stats and everything but I keep the 0x42 = 0, I uploaded the pokemon to the GTS trade and it seems to be OK, cause I got an error code before when I uploaded the Gothorita with the Shadow Tag ability. Thank you!!
  2. I have the same problem here, I made a Gothita in Pokegen, after the evolution I wasn't aware of the ability change, now Gothorita has Shadow Tag. I did everything I read on the forum, the 0x42 is set to 1, I leave the PID blank, I don't know why it shows the hidden ability after the evolution. Please we need some help here. How can I fix it? What am I doing wrong? I will appreciate your kindness. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much for this sotware, its more friendly than pokesav and really good. I think we have to wait a little bit before we can modify pokemon from black/white versions. Thank you for the effort you are giving :smile:
  4. Hi!!! Well, I have the same question myself, what are those 85h values?. One way to know its to capture the original pokemon and watch the 85h value they have. For example: Lugia - 07 - Caught in water Latios - 02 - Tall grass - I caught it in the route 7 Zapdos - 00 - Event or Interact - I guess all the pokemon that you capture by "Interact" are 00 So, these are the only pokemons that I can tell you right now. I hope this will help you!!!
  5. Hi!! I just finished your Duskull, the only thing you have to do is put the OT name by pressing "Input own OT", its totally legit and please don't modify the nature, PID or class, OK? I hope you like the duskull. duskull.pkm
  6. Hi!!! I was interested in the 86h hex code for this ball and I went to Serebii.net and I got this info: "The Park Ball is the PokéBall used in the Pal Park capture contests. All Pokémon captured with the Park Ball will appear as if caught in the PokéBall they were originally captured in in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen. It guarantees capture. This item cannot be obtained outside of Pal Park". So, what i think is that if you caught a pidgey in firered with a master ball and you transfer it to Soulsilver the pidgey will still have the master ball, you only use the park ball to "capture" the pokemon in the palpark. I have one question, what is a compee ball?? Source: http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/parkball.shtml
  7. Hi there!! The pokemon doesnt look hack in legal.exe, everything seems valid, you have to remember that in pokemon diamond/pearl the only important hex value is 85h. Egg hatched 85h: 00 So it is ok!!!
  8. My first videogame that I own was Mario Bros in the NES, i was like 7 or 8 yrs old, Ohhhh the good times
  9. Hi!! I saw your bagon and let me tell you that is kind of hard make a pokemon with an special nature and hidden power type. You need to use the PID/IV Genetator and choose a algorithm type 1 with a nature and gender that you want, if it doesnt show up any info that you want just change the IVs. I fix your bagon, i hope it is ok for you!! I have one question, for safari zone pokemon the 85h hex code is 0A (safari zone) or 02 (tall grass), im pretty sure it is 02. Bye [ATTACH]4348[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4349[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi!! I saw the picture and the pokemon looks legal, but i have one question: Can you caught rayquaza in Soulsilver? You have to use legal locations too
  11. Hi!!! I used this software and it really works, finally i can make shiny pokemon. Thank you!!
  12. Hi!, to make a hatched pokemon you have to do this: Ball caught with: Pokeball Met at level: 0 Met in place: 3002 - Faraway place Date met and Date egg received must be the same Egg hatched at: 2000 - Daycare Couple Now the Hidden Hex Values These code are for where the egg was received 44h: D0 45h: 07 These codes is for where the egg was hatched 46h: 47h: For the values and HG/SS locations search: List of 46h and 47h values 85h: 00 86h: 04 I hope this will help you!!
  13. Hi!, do you want the eevee with fly hidden power type and shiny?
  14. Hi!, the pokemon gains boosted exp because its ID and SID doesnt match with yours, i think the ID and SID of your game doesnt have to be the same number. Try to see what numbers the other pokemon have (original) and copy/paste the numbers.
  15. Hi!, There is no Hg/SS locations in the actual version of pokesav so you have to use the hex codes to put those locations. About the budew's ability some pokemon change it when they evolve.
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    I have like 10 stylus, two of them come with a screen protector
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