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  1. The game doesn't respond to the shaymin from Oak's letter from what i heard. It only responds to the one from the Toys R Us event or something. If you got the flower from the girl in the shop, try using it in day. Shaymin automatically goes to land form night time or when he is frozen. If the oak one doesn't work, then get Pokesav if u playing (J) or get PokeGen if u playing (U). U can create a shaymin in sky form, but u must tick fateful encounter to make the flower work after night has passed again. Hope this helps
  2. Shaymin does work that way, i know that much. Just wanted to know if thers a way to keep him in sky form, i cant find a code that keeps it permanently day
  3. Thanks lol, never really thort of that , Not a big online battle fan, just want it for my offline team
  4. Well if you guys want pokemon then Use pokegen. But its for POKEMON IN BOX only. Works with US http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Pokemon-Generator-(Updated-for-HG-SS-[uS])
  5. Is there anyway to keep Shaymin is sky form permanently? He reverts to land form in the night or when he's frozen. He's land form looks crap. Have to wait til day to revert him again Anyway for permanent sky form???????????????????????????????????
  6. I got a Shaymin that works with the flower thing and makes it change to sky form, however at night or when shaymin is frozen he reverts back. Is there anyway to keep shaymin in sky form permanently? maybe and ar code or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Yep that was exactly my point, there is little help for the US version atm but the firmware made it a bit more playable, im at the 8th badge now, never crashed yet, only froze twice. Not that bad
  8. Is it possible to some how add a 2nd type to pokemon who are only 1 type? I want a ghost - dark pokemon but both sable eye and spiritomb look completely crap. So like i was thinking is it possible to like add ghost type to umbreon? Just a thought...
  9. Ok, I downloaded the new version and i noticed that your description on fateful encounter isn't very clear . Im sure not sure myself but I found a use for it. I think it relates to event pokemon. The coversion of Shaymin from land to sky from requires Gracidea's Flower. However it MUST be an EVENT Shaymin. So I tried generating one and sadly it didn't work I did it like 30 min later, with fateful encounter on and what do u know, it worked. Just incase one of u ask how to get a flying Shaymin
  10. Thanks alot, the firmware files seems to have done the trick.
  11. I have the same problem, For No$gba 2.6a, can someone please help us out here, the searching is getting annoying, theres no help for the US roms at all. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Codr. Thanks Alot this worked. This program is really awesome. I can't believe how awesome it is . Looks like il be checking this thread alot more. Its fast and easy. Thanks again, this is really awesome .
  13. Well im having the same problem with the bad egg thing, any pokemon i make is a bad egg. I tried Dialga for SS but........ egg. Im using No$gba 2.6a. I joined the forums cuz i cudn't find a pokesav to work for the (U) version of SS, then i found this program, not sure if im doing it write. Its Dialga, box 5 slot 1 with admant nature, holding admant orb, Wonderguard ability. The code is : 94000130 FCFF0000 D3000000 00000000 B2111880 00000000 000136D0 A50F3776 000136D4 F0030000 000136D8 A2AFAF3A 000136DC 12E4104A 000136E0 F0DABC5F 000136E4 DAA4665E 000136E8 AADD65C2 000136EC DF7274A9
  14. Same problem, i have the (U) version of Soul Silver and no luck with pokesav either. Not sure what the problem is, my guess is that it only works for the japanese version with an English patch.
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