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  1. Here are some of mine~ Entei RoC.pkm Plusle RoC.pkm Raikou - RoC.pkm Suicune - RoC.pkm Tropius - RoC.pkm Typhlosion - RoC.pkm
  2. It's proven to work And the Movie Arceus will probably be out on the July 18th, if the people contributing are quick enough~
  3. How do you know it's through McDonalds? *sorry if this is a noob question~ *
  4. "where they go down instead of over?" What do you mean? I don't mind anything anyway~ The pictures are up~ ---------- Post added at 12:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:09 AM ---------- Actually guys, I have a thought. The Arceus may transform because it's ability is Multitype. If we change the Ability, and then try again, it might just work. I'll try and post back~ ---------- Post added at 12:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:14 PM ---------- Oh darn it still transformed. Was worth a try though >.<
  5. Last post before I go offline~ If you understand this, you need to change it's data on Section B, 0x40-0x41 to 0x004C. I've worked on it and I find that no matter what you do, although in game it will show up as the ??? Arceus, when you enter a battle with it, it automatically transforms back to it's normal form. The below Arceus is the first one I made~ (Quoted from my post in the PokemonGTS forums, lol~) I'll post pics later of how to use the Hex Editor, if no one has posted yet later~
  6. Anyway how's the second Arceus I posted? Is it working?
  7. Lol just so you know, ~RoC~ is there cause my name in the PokemonGTS forums is ReignOfComputer. I mostly am on there as one of their resident hackers, but seeing the opportunity to learn much more hacking I came to this forum and boy I was right~ It's a great place to learn~!
  8. I simply made use of the information Jiggy-Ninja provided and edited the Hex Code. I'll go get an Arceus off the PKM Files of Project Pokemon and edit it. I'll be back~ Here ya go~ arceus.pkm
  9. Lol. If you want I can go play around to make it look just like the Arceus that's coming out for the movie ^.^
  10. I've tested it. See my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E18lexXq9sU
  11. Looking for Ageto Celebi or a Mitsurin Celebi~ Thanks~
  12. Great! Thanks! I've posted something in your ???-Type arceus thread too~
  13. I've slightly edited the Arceus. I made one that's not Shiny and does not have ?s around the name. Should work, I think. Arceus Unknown.pkm
  14. Hi there, I got these 3 Pokemon from the GTS, I was wondering if they are legit, if not legal, as the Legality Checker puts them all as Unknown GBA Type. Thanks Articuno.pkm Entei.pkm Raikou.pkm
  15. Hi there, here's my request.. I know you can generate these with PokeSav, but the code is really long. Is there a shorter version of this? Thanks Second request Thanks~
  16. Well hi there! I've joined this forum to learn more about playing with ROMs and Action Replay. Thanks for listening
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