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  1. does anyone know if its going to be like HG/SS that if you get a shiny starter you see it after you choose one????
  2. i have a very intriguing question can pokewalker pokemon be shiny?
  3. i have a problem well maybe its not a problem i dont know ... when i change the extra bytes option to any number different of 0 and i generate the ar code when i use the code it generates a bad egg ¿why do this happen? (only with the 0 value it generates me a shiny pokemon)
  4. PBR Pikachu TRU Shaymin (you have to put your ds clock to 8-2-09)
  5. Nothing happens .. im sure its for platinum u.u can anyone make one for diamond/pearl??
  6. a whismur in my cousin game ... of course i keep it
  7. if anyone have the AR code please share ^^ for diamond/pearl
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