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  1. My fav is Candice....dunno why, I guess it just broke the combo of cold-hearted ice trainers, but that's just my opinion (since I dunno much about Glacia).
  2. This is a really nice team (I'm talking about the theme and all, but the builds are awesome too :wink:) There are two pokémon that come to my mind that are being used a lot that could be a possible threat: Cloyster and Ditto. I think you've read enough on Smogon and other sites to know about them, after all, been a week since last reply...anyway, I'm gonna talk about cloyster so this post will have some meaning. So, people use the new move it has, Shell Smash, with it's "old" ability, Skill Link, to win games usually without even the need of the rest of the team (happened with me sometimes on PO, dunno if my building is faulty or it's really an insane attacking force). It gets +2 on both offensive stats and on speed, and loses 2 levels on the defenses. Then, it's Icicle Spear and Rock Blast to the end. The only pokémon I think that could survive is Empoleon, just to be aware of that, you may want to include some priority move on Empoleon or Dragonite, just to be a little safe. I'm gonna have to go for a while now, sorry if I didn't help much.
  3. Only a little request of mine.
  4. Celebi is my big favorite of all, since the 4th movie.
  5. Pkmn 337


    Hi there, have a good time here, and, as mentioned, you might want to go to the competitive forums if you wish.
  6. Hi there, I have a little request to make. If anyone takes it you can PM me after it's done or add my messenger if I'm nowhere to be found: beraldojr@hotmail.com
  7. Hm, seems good, I have a little dex of mine I downloaded but it only serves purpose for the 3rd gen pokés, and all it has is moves it learns, how to evolve, Tms and Hms it can learn, and I think that's it, besides, it's in Portuguese, and I don't think third Gen info could help, but in any case, I decided to post this. Although I won't really be able to help, I'm really interested and you should make one.
  8. 1. Celebi 2. Glaceon 3. Zapdos 4. Raichu 5. Regice
  9. Hi peeps, hope you remember me, and hi too to the ones who joined later.I've been away from here a long time, I had totally forgotten this place. That was until I received an email from PP remembering me about my birthday. I was so touched. So, I came back, too bad I can't get Shoddy Battle to work on my Pc anymore, so only Pokémon online for me, but still, even though I can't have as much fun with you as before, it's nice to be back! I think....
  10. Oh, man, some new combinations totally rocked, Ghost/ Fire, Ghost/Water and Ghost/Ground. I found rather interesting of combining Fighting and Water. The one I liked most was Psychic/Fire A.K.A. Victini or Bikutini. Now that's awesome! Also, Politoed got Drizzle, as said before. So, yea....he will have more use now. The new Steel/Bug Pokémon is quite powerful from my experiences at battle simulators (It can use Flamethrower!), and so is the Ghost/Water one, but defensively. Rotom - W's Type changed from Electric/Ghost to Electric/Water right?
  11. [sPRITE]251[/sPRITE] is my favorite. Then comes Glaceon, Gallade, Zapdos, and Regice.
  12. <p><p><p><p><p>Check out the Event Section Thing i Replyed to You Telling What PCD AND PGT IS!</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>And how to use them.</p></p></p></p></p>

  13. What are these PGT and PCT? Is there a difference?
  14. When I get my Wii and my Ssbb game, I will be sure to post mine here!
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    Agh, I remember I would always get used to play the Pokemon Tcg, then when I would play Yu-gi-oh(and vice-versa), I called the monster a Pokemon and wanted to attach energy to it. Used to have cards myself, but just lost them. However I play a Gba game and it's quite wonderful, but still kinda"old" cards compared to those of today(well it has elemental heroes and stuff, but other cool things like neo-spacians aren't there) I still enjoy it though.
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