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  1. It was fine to me. But that's probably because I memorized the whole darn'd storyline.
  2. I've attached a pcap file of my packet logging. Here's what I did: > Login > Search for a Bulbasaur: Either gender, Any level > Search for a Darkrai: Either gender, Any level > Logout And I incorrectly said it was SSL. Sorry. GTS Login SearchBulbasaurEitherAny SearchDarkraiEitherAny.zip
  3. I haven't had time to log GTS yet (the last time I didn't save the pcap file), but I'll do it today after my homework's done.
  4. Any progress? I can't do anything but sniff and look at the SSL encrypted data fly by right now, so... EDIT: I just had a lightbulb! Since the server does the key exchange via network, perhaps we could grab the key from that packet. Sabre, you're the only one I sent the pcap to. Look into it.
  5. Hi. I have access to a softAP which my DS uses to connect to Nintendo Wifi (see my other thread in the same section). Nintendo Wifi club uses SSL (the one on the PC bottom floor), so I would'nt be surprised if this uses SSL too (I saw SSL handshakes when I was logging GTS, btw) If you happen to need my help, just throw me a PM.
  6. If you have no rules then I'll battle you with inf. HP AR code then.
  7. It's impossible for a non hacking user of a Luvdisc to beat that.
  8. Chimchar because Infernape is OU tier.
  9. You're exactly right. Most data is SSL'd actually.
  10. My setup is a Linksys WMP54G PCI Wireless Adapter, using modified drivers, acting as a soft access point. Packet logging done by Wireshark. So far, I have analyzed these stuff: The client (DS) and server do a SSL Handshake while connecting. Most data (except data about IPs/ports) is encrypted in an unknown encryption as of yet. Data about IP/Ports is transmitted via UDP, not TCP The protocol is the same even if you're using Plat or D/P (That's what it seems, please correct me if I'm wrong) That's all I managed to recall (I forgot to save)
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