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  1. So, when a Pokémon is flagged as illegal because of memory and/or feeling, I have no idea (that I know of) how to know what to set them to so that they're legit. Is there a way this can be made much more simpler and show you which legal feeling option per legal memory option to set? I have a ton of Pokémon in majority of my boxes on Alpha Sapphire where the only issue with them all is the memory/feeling, and I'm not sure why since I haven't played it in a long while. The only way for me to make them legal is to go through every single memory & feeling option and that is suuuper time-consuming. EDIT3 (FIX): I set the values to this for Batch Editor and it makes them all legal: =Box=1 .HT_Feeling=4 .HT_Intensity=3 .HT_Memory=10 .OT_Feeling=4 .OT_Intensity=3 .OT_Memory=10 EDIT2: Ok, so if I set *both* OT and non-OT memory to: "{0} got treats from..." and the feeling to: "it got overwhelmed by emotion" and then intensity of 2 or higher, it makes them legal....now, how can I do this with batch editor? I found the HT/OT options, but not sure what values to put for them all. EDIT: All I've really seen about this on these forums are "try each feeling until it works," but ehh...no simpler way that isn't as time-consuming? Thank you.
  2. Well, you can easily remove them in PKHeX, but yes, HM's are fine. Just not B/W Kyurem or Eggs and you need to remove any items from the Pokémon. Easy Google search brought me to: https://pokemonsfreezone.com/characters/can-pokemon-with-hms-go-through-pokebank.html
  3. You'll be out of luck if you don't download those software apps before then.
  4. Well, for what you're trying to do, @Atrius97 basically said it all already above. GBA cart reader device for your GBA handheld to backup your saves to your PC, then mod your 3DS to have custom firmware on it so that you can install JKSM or Checkpoint, which is used to backup/restore game save files. Then, backup a Gen6/7 game (X,Y,etc. or Sun/Moon, etc.) using JKSM/Checkpoint. I then personally use a SD-to-USB USB stick to transfer the backed up save files from JKSM/Checkpoint to my PC, then can edit it with PKHeX. Once you get to the PKHex part, move all of your Pokémon from the backed up GBA cart reader game(s) to the 3DS' Gen 6/7 backup save file in PKHeX, then export and overwrite the 3DS save with the new one once all of your Gen 3 Pokémon are on it. Put the SD card back into the 3DS then restore the Gen 6/7 sav file with JKSM/Checkpoint (whichever one you used to backup the save). From there, you'll have to install Pokémon Bank on your 3DS (which Nintendo recently said they'll end Bank support within a year or something like that) and move the Pokémon from Bank to Home by downloading the Home app on your mobile device. Just make sure you purchase the Pokémon Home premium plan.
  5. This isn't a problem, it's a question. Could probably post it here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/forum/23-saves-editing-help/
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=3DS+R4+Card
  7. I can't help, but I legit laughed out loud when I saw "[spoilers]" for a 20yr+ old game.
  8. Maybe I am lucky with my cartridges then because none of mine have died yet and I bought them all within the same month of original release (U.S.). Interesting.
  9. I noticed there are literally zero Japanese Gen 2 events listed on the Event Gallery. Would anyone else be interested in trying to find these legitimate events by buying the official Japanese Gen 2 cartridges and just searching through them? You can buy them for next-to-nothing at the below URL (I have 15 carts on the way at the moment). Really trying to get some Gen 2 Events here and contribute. List of the event Pokemon: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_event_Pokémon_distributions_(Generation_II) -link removed-
  10. I believe getting *from* B/W to US/UM would make use of the PokeTransporter / PokeBank, but I believe it's only a one-way trade system that way.
  11. Dang, so you must've, like, plowed through Legends: Arceus then, right? Because I think it was when the game just dropped and I happened to be on the GitHub page and noticed you already had all of the Pokémon files on it. Just genuinely curious, not trying to be smart.
  12. I don't believe so because you need to use the Checkpoint program (or similar) to back the SAV up.
  13. Is your 3DS modded? If so, just backup the Crystal SAV with something like Checkpoint and then use a SD-to-PC USB stick to get your 3DS' SD card loaded on your PC. Then, edit the SAV file with PKHeX, overwrite the old SAV file with the new one once you make whatever changes you want, then put the SD back into your 3DS and open up Checkpoint again to restore the new SAV file. If you want simple trading from 3DS to PC, not sure.
  14. Ok, just tried wiping the cart via the cart dumper, started new game, saved game, dumped the SAV, and looks like there's no more random Pokémon in my PC boxes or anything. Cool.
  15. Question about this whole RoC's PC thing, though. Are all of these Pokémon legitimately captured/traded in-game by you yourself? Or do you gen them in PKHeX to appear legal? Because the Legends: Arceus Pokémon files were uploaded pretty dang quick at the time. Just always been curious. And yes, I know on the GitHub it says, "...through my own game-play, The Global Terminal, friends, and more" but I'm basically wondering if the "and more" part means via PKHeX and whatnot.
  16. Oh wow, yes actually. Tons of names in Japanese (that I can't read) and they're levels 170, 168, 170, 11, etc. I'm noticing anytime I'm pressing A or B while in the PC, it either won't do anything or it totally glitches the game out. Like just now, I just kept pressing A and now my game screen turned a super dark Red color and froze. Any way to fix corruption like that? Because this happened on a brand new save file. Not sure if the previous save file (with all 8 Badges) was glitched out or not and that somehow carried into a new save file or what.
  17. I was saying nobody knows when the update will be released.
  18. Nope! nobody but the devs do When it's out, it's out basically.
  19. Not that I know of, lol. I just randomly made that name when I was a kid.
  20. For what game?.... I'll assume Legends: Arceus. If so, PKHeX needs to be updated since the new Arceus update changed the SAV file size.
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