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  1. Read that part again. Apparently, the new Arceus update increased the SAV file size. Gotta wait for PKHeX to be updated to support that.
  2. So, the JPN Red game had the entire game completed when I checked on my GBC, then I immediately backed it up with my cart dumper, and whatever it backed up is what I uploaded here. After dumping and putting the cart back into my GBC, the save file got wiped and I only have "New Game" and "Options." But this also happened with my U.S. Crystal until I had to fix some stuff on the actual cartridge board. Every other game I dumped/restored was fine.
  3. Actually, no, I can't. PokeDex just shows 1 (my starter). Interesting.
  4. Just dumped my LG SAV file and I checked the Pokémon on it and one, a Charmeleon, says it's illegal because: Help? It's the Charmeleon that I got from when I first started the game yearssss ago with a Charmander.
  5. Japanese Red. On cartridge. I started a New Game, instantly saved, then loaded my SAV in PKHeX and every box, except Box 1, is full of random Pokémon like this. Why?
  6. Hi. Something disastrous happened to my Gen 1/2 SAV files. Anyone have a source for JPN SAV files? Specifically, for the game beaten, but anything will do.
  7. I know you can't transfer from Gens 1/2 to 3, but not sure if there's been a Gen 3 event that lists Kanto or not.
  8. So, I'd like to download all of the Pokémon listed here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/ I saw an EventGallery on the GitHub but it seems the lists have different Pokémon here: https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 2/Classic/ENG
  9. EDIT3: Ok, now I'm lost. I just had the same exact issue with my Japanese Red cartridge that I had with my U.S. Crystal.....ugh. Save got completely wiped. Back it up, PKHeX wouldn't read it, put cart back into GBC, now my save is deleted and can only do a New Game.....idk what's going on. It is, however, a different error message than Crystal. Added photo of new message. Also added the save file because I have no idea how to read hex editors. EDIT2/FIX: Opened up my cartridge. Cleaned all the sticky residue off the battery with a pencil eraser, removed a possible short that may have been caused by a very small piece of leftover solder, and slightly tried to clean up the solder around the battery. Now PKHeX is actually reading my SAV for the first time. PKHeX now reads the SAV and writes to the cartridge just fine, as it should. EDIT: Ok, so strangely, when I re-boot the game, it deletes my save file, but not every time I restart it. I just swapped the cartridge battery (again after doing so 6months ago) just to make sure it wasn't that, and it is still doing it every couple times I restart the game. However, I'm noticing it's only doing it after I take my Crystal game out of my cartridge dumping device (but again, not every time I take it out). Not sure if it's coincidence or what. I don't think it's the cart dumping device because I've been dumping my carts all day and none of the other games' save data were deleted. Help? Just started a new game and got my starter. Saved then dumped cart but PKHeX is giving this error every time. Works fine with my Gold Version. These are physical cartridges. Both my Crystal and Gold saves are 32kb. POKEMON RED.sav
  10. Oh wow, ok. I guess that means they couldn't battle each other too? So, regarding only seeing English events on the site for Gen 2, is that only because they haven't been found/preserved here yet?
  11. So, I keep getting the below error. How can I add the Gen 2 English events to my JAP cartridge SAV? And were there really no Japanese Gen 2 events? All I see on the site are English events. Find it very hard to believe that Japan had zero events for Gen 2. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/ I see a list of Japanese distributions here, so does that mean they just haven't been archived on ProjectPokemon yet? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_event_Pokémon_distributions_(Generation_II)
  12. Not sure if a PKHeX issue or not, but figured I'd put it here just to be safe.
  13. I noticed PKHeX says that the Beedrill from Gen 1 is illegal, from the zip download on the first page. Any idea why by chance? Same error with the nick-named Poliwhirl ("UNDERLEVEL") on Gen 2. Haven't checked the rest of the folders as I'm really only interested in Gens 1/2. 015 - CHIKUCHIKU - CBD4.pk1 061 - UNDERLEVEL - CC3E.pk2
  14. Hey, do you have a zip file or something of all the Pokemon you have collected for Gens 1 and/or 2?

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      The member has left the server a long time ago. You probably shouldn't just randomly message people expecting them to be around.

  15. "ASAP." Hey, did you ever look into this? Really interested
  16. So...don't go online with them? I'd never go online with saves I downloaded anyway. I feel like SAVs should still be allowed, just obviously don't go online with them. That's a given.
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