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  1. I think you should try to organise a team to have a discord. Nowadays everythhing is Discord or twitch. Discord it's like the whatsapp, telegram, the social media currently for gamers. You could make events with your dev hack rom. Forums are great but the will not grow more that's the main difference between it and the latest social media.. but the last decision is yours.
  2. One more suggestion Babou ,that I also following your Discord account of this game.., Why not develop another version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Heaven and Hell, but this time a randomizer one, with shinies, and with difficult level we could chose? a randomizer version could be more defiant.. Only one user on Project Pokemon had made it before:
  3. this game is good, with shinies, some of the latest generations of pkms and more difficult level, but Why not make one version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon -Explorers of Alpha a randomizer? Developers here could follow their great work making the version we are following, but Why not add a randomizer version for pkms on every dungeon? to explain me well.. One user on Project Pokemon could get it ,and this is his link:
  4. I'm a fan of Pkm mystery dungeons and as one ,of course I'll play this great game Hell or Heaven could be great and I like some k-pop...
  5. I'll wait for the second version also, because sometimes there are problems (not here, but to prevent that, and to prevent I'd missed some version 2 events) with some hacks well, have a good holidays people here will really do a great work I'm sure. Bye
  6. Hi Eaor, you could find the last version of this hack here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=48328 . That's the best hack rom ever made of PMMS Hope you also wait for the version 2.0
  7. What a great hack rom, it seems as a new story of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, fairy types and even shinies ,and also we can choose the level of difficulty. I'm not native English speaker, I'd like to say more but I'll be waiting for your last release 2.0 will be finished Really thanks for your great job
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