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  1. you might want to update the download on the main site here as it is r8 on there
  2. i might import my team into colosseum just to be able to get ho oh
  3. i think i have all of last years non legendary event pokemon on my external hard drive still i'll have a look for them now
  4. woopsie got alil carried away with that.... anyway back on topic of the topic how far have you gotten on them ifyfg i bought both the bonus disk and the free mem card Versions
  5. hmm maybe a music import thing where it uses music you tell it too atleast that way you could have a choice between music or no music and not complain about it just an idea
  6. Well i've bought them they should arrive sometime in the weekends if i get my wifi up and running i might be able to send you guys one or two
  7. that's odd my version can........ hmm its times like this when google comes in handy i'll edit this post to see if i can find one
  8. i've got 2 jap emeralds and a jap gba so i think i'll be ok. i've got the money to spend aswell so plus good thing Infinite Supply Of Legit Celebies i think its worth it
  9. Doomy

    Halo 3

    that's nice of ya i should have my member ship tommorow i forgot my older brother owes me 2 years of xbox live gold.. i'll be able to play anytime of the day and night so
  10. i have let the oval stone... but not the wonder gummi hmm you'll just have to google the wonder gummi Edit here it is Oval Stone X&=5 -Q&X 2W=K R97X N6CP T=5+
  11. Doomy

    Halo 3

    i'm 3 away from recon.....ironically my gold membership ran out today so i've gotta sort out another payment to complete the road to recon
  12. i'd love to be a tester but i cannot read or speak dutch.....
  13. i changed espeon out of the party as soon as i could so i could ev train it from its current lvl to lvl 99 on my sapphire cartridge so i could complete my ev trained team of eeveelutions.mount battle never stood a chance afterwards.... ironically when i found out i could re catch them my disk just vanished as if it just vaporized or something i'll rebuy it some day maybe with the bonus pokemon disk if i could get ahold of it
  14. Doomy


    how old was she? german shepherds are lovely
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