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  1. hi, is there a code for platinum that makes it so you don't gain evs at the end of a battle?
  2. hi, is there a ar code that allows you to gain exp but blocks evs from being gained?
  3. : / I wanna download a compatible tool but I don't know what ones there are. D-trogh has been m.i.a since 2011 as far as I can tell and idk much about "programming it myself"
  4. I'm using windows and ppre, jackhack96 tools, d-trogh tools, crystaltile2, and tinke. None of these can edit honey trees in platinum despite the fact there is a d-trogh tool for dp
  5. Hi, im stuck with a problem. I need to edit the honey trees for a rom hack im making but when I look up a guide I get directed to link below. I'm having trouble understanding what to do to even edit the honey trees in the first place. thanks in advance for whomever helps : ) edit: fixed grammer mistake
  6. Ok i figured it out, so in case someone finds this thread in the future click on the route you want to edit and then click on the map number next to where the map is, then click one number above or below.
  7. If you are using ppre then adding the eon tickets should be easy, just have a npc give you the item. unfortunately I cant help you with the other 2 because i'm also having trouble with the national dex.
  8. i.e route 205 which is separated by eterna forest, it only lets me edit the part after the forest. I can edit the wild pokemon with a wild pokemon editor but i cant edit any script.
  9. If you use ppre 0.12 rather than 0.14 you can fix this issue, as 0.14 is known for that bug basically copy paste the code into the same rom with ppre 0.12
  10. This was for something somewhat different and a bit more general, but I see why you would think that. I'm sorry
  11. That's not how I did it, but I did figure out how to edit them, I just wrote my own script and tied it to the pokeball rather than editing the script
  12. that's what i mean yeah, unfortunately i cant find the script in ppre : (
  13. hi, recently i started creating a pokemon rom hack of platinum, and I cannot find how to edit the balls you find sitting on the ground in the over-world. I've been stumped on this for quite a while and I cant find any guides or applications online that will help me towards my goal.
  14. hi its been 7 years but i felt like i'll respond just in case, basically you can edit every pokemon in ppre on a nds file to give base 0 exp, OR you can use a action replay code
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