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    A quick google search landed me on this link, and based on it, it appears that PID and IVs were not determined together. If I understand the link correctly, PID is determined once a mon spawns in a Pokéspot, and IVs are determined upon encounter.
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    I've made a page with the uploads. I have both the original, as well as the 'fixed' versions in it.
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    Yeah me too,the new update won't patch correctly... Edit:Someone on another forum managed to fix the patch and uploaded it onto a MEGA folder.This link contains ONLY the patch collection and does not contain roms of any kind.Will delete if OP or mods ask. Mod edit: Link removed.
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    New update! (Download) [v0.4.7.6] - Can now travel to Celadon City through Route 7. - Celadon Gym is open and you can obtain the 4th badge after beating Erika. - Coin Case can be obtained in Celadon City. - Snorlax is blocking on Route 16. - Custom intro graphics (Thanks to Hiro_TDK) - Touchscreen graphics changed from green to blue. - Fixed an issue where some indoor maps had white textures. Thanks to HiroTDK for the intro graphics.
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    Hereby I would like to inform you that Pokémon White Deluxe, version 1.0.0, has been released officially. Download link: Pokémon White Deluxe The game can be fully played until the Elite Four and shortly thereafter. However, note that several more changes were planned, which did not make it to this version. Since many other things take time in my life, I was unable to finish it completely. My wish was to do so and then do a full release. However, just now I have decided to release this version. Please enjoy!
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    I'm not allowed to edit the main post so you can download the latest version below: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=329029 (link appears to be dead?) Our page here: Update. ---v0.4.7.4 - Lyra has been partially replaced with Leaf. - Gender Selection screen now has proper Red/Leaf sprites. - Red's sprite is now shown when using HMs/swimming. - Nidoran is now shown instead of Marill on the intro. - ROM icon replaced with a red one. - Fixed Flashcart compatability.
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    Update. ---v0.4.7 - Fairy Type implemented. - ORAS mini-icons added. - Can get Dream Eater in Viridian once you get Cut. - S.S Anne is closed once you get HM01. - Can no longer revive fossils in Pewter City. - Removed Sacred Ash from Route 2. - Fixed a bug where Brock would dissapear when you progress further in game. - Many NPCs and their dialogue updated. - Cutscene improvements. ---v0.4.7.1 - Fixed a freeze that could happen on Flash Cart. - Old man can now be seen in Viridian after the Pokemon catching tutorial. - Minor cutscene improvements.
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    Updated the main post with more information. Also, a new update. ---v0.4.5 - Implemented a new logo on the title screen. - Bicycle available from Cerulean Bike Shop. - Trade Spearow for a Farfetch'd in Vermillion. - Fixed a freeze in Vermillion. - Fixed a bug where you could do trades multiple times. - Added correct NPC dialogue and Pokemon overworlds to Trainers club.
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