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    "Welcome to the world of Pokémon!" ~Prof. Samuel Oak Hello everyone! Welcome to a custom Pokémon game based on the early 1997 Spaceworld Demo of Pokémon Gold and Silver. After finishing my Neo Mario Galaxy project, I was unsure which game to hack next. When I discovered the leaked Spaceworld demo, I had an idea... My aim is to forge a full game using scrapped concepts to show what could have become the second generation of Pokémon. Of course, this project is still in developement, but an introducing demo will be released very soon! Features - A region based on the entire country of Japan! - Full storyline that continues the events from Red/Blue - 253 Pokémon, including new and never before seen kinds - Interesting and useful new items, including a Skateboard - Many mechanics introduced in later games (Physical/Special split, Fairy type, ...) Screenshots Releases A short demo will be released very soon!
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    Well, what I can tell you is that the location header won't show if the destination landmark is the same as the previous map's landmark.
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    Afaik, there is no scripting instruction to disable the location display, but it won't appear if your map is set to be a Gate or Indoor area. It would be a bigger pain to implement what's missing in the demo rather than in the Crystal ROM base.
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    I already did this if you want an English/North America save. I also did Japanese And with the help of a friend, PAL regions. You can just use save editors to change the OT/TID/SID and carry your own Pokemon over tot he save. you should be in the E-reader room and if you use the Scizor save, *should* be able to re-battle any of the E-reader trainers.
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    As much as I'm really looking forward to someone finally making a complete game out of the scrapped concepts, I do wish the demo rom was used as the base instead of Crystal. Don't get me wrong your work looks amazing, it's just an inconsequential gripe in the back of my head. Even so, you got my interest and I'm hoping to see more come out of this.
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    Progress update Here are six new screenshots showing some more locations and new Pokémon!
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