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Poll: Do you have a DSi / Plan to get one?


Do you have a Nintendo DSi or Plan on getting one VERY soon?  

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  1. 1. Do you have a Nintendo DSi or Plan on getting one VERY soon?

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I was one of few thousands, that said they are 100% not getting the DSi, i was doubting it, and stuff like that, but every time i saw the advertisements, it actually looked pretty cool, so i watch a review, and boy i really want one now, and that matte finish looks so smooth! but i would actually miss my high glossy sexy DS, and i do love how long the thing last, but the DSi only last around 4-9 hours, varies in brightness.

The main thing that's really bothering me, is the price it is ridicules, here in New Zealand it's $399! but there's this awesome deal at EBgames, where if you trade in your old DS lite, then the DSi is only $259, and the price of the DS lite is $239, plus 1 free game, i think i may wait a year, when the price drops, or if there is a DSiware application that grabs my attention.

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I'm not sure if it's worth it. I have a DS and DS Lite... Kinda lame already that I got a Lite. So it's hinge cracked... I'm not sure whether to trade it in to get a DSi in blue for $100 or wait for the price drop to, I'm guessing, $130, to be able to get it in my favourite colour. Or to get it at all.

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I dont think I'm gonna get one maybe later on especially when the price goes down, but one thing I hate about them though is the have no GBA slot to play your GBA games or migrate pokemon! besides that from what I've herd the features on it work great and everything

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The DSi has far lesser sound quality than the iPod and I don't even know if it can play movies.

If you use headphones, then it is just as good quality as any MP3 player can provide. The only downside is that you can't turn the volume up higher.

And it can't play videos.

On the bright side, it is a better planned console than the DS Lite. They blew it on the lite in my opinion (hardware-wise).

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i know a flashcart that will soon come out can play movies


iplayer :o

and i had dsi since it came out :)

DS Video runs on just about every flashcart, and we were talking about built-in capabilities. I have a Max Media Dock, and it works fine (I only had a little trouble with the encoder at first. Remember: If you use a GUI encoder, put the command-line encoder in the same directory as the GUI).

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