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I'd like to showcase my first ever ROM hack - A slight difficulty and quality of life hack for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky.

My main goal with this hack is to introduce quality of life changes, new dungeon variety, new Pokémon spawn lists all while making the original game harder! (But not Kaizo hard) I am also trying to steer away from unnecessary dialogue additions and anything that could take away from a player's experience or ruin immersion. While not directly influenced by Drayano or his hacks, this ROM hack shares similarities in the way Drayano approaches hacks, keeping the original game vanilla and building onto it's gameplay systems all while slightly increasing difficulty.

Exact specifications of what has and will be changed will be included with every version I release with previous changes always archived in each and every changelog as there already is way to much for me to include as is without keeping this post short and simple. The hack is fully completed in terms of revamping every dungeon and improving the base game, but additional features are to be added in the future. 




Special features include: 

- The Luxio Tribe is back from Time/Darkness, fully replacing the Manectric gang. (Complete with a Luxray Clear Mark icon.)

- New dungeons! Explore the all new Metal Crag, Magic Alcove, Avian Terrene, Drake Fjord, Poison Bog and Battle Hill!

- All starter evolutions now have overworld sleeping sprites for the postgame (Including gender differences!).

- All new spawnlistsrevamped difficulty, and a whole new way to play the game!

- Some dungeons now have certain gimmicks, EX: Drenched Bluff has a dangerous 6th floor, Waterfall Cave is always rainy and max darkness, there's no food in the Northern Desert, etc.

- Alolan Vulpix has replaced normal Vulpix as a starter/partner

- All Starters and Partners have reworked level up movepools, and will always have access to a powerful STAB move at level 50. Some starters/partners have had ability reworks like Eevee having Anticipation instead of Run Away, Skitty having Scrappy instead of Normalize, and Riolu having Own Tempo instead of Inner Focus!

- Quality of Life improvements. Tired of all those tips trying to help you out? Say no more, they're all disabled thanks to DisableTips. Want to hold the L button and use one of your four moves without opening the move menu? Move Shortcuts has got you covered! Ever wanted to have a partner that matches your type? SameType Partner allows you to do just that! Tired of watching and suffering through Spinda's Café animation every time you want to make a drink? I removed it!

- Aegis Cave is no longer full of unnecessary unowns!

- Mt. Blaze and Mt. Thunder are back in the game! Along with Zapdos and Moltres boss fights!

- Region Variants! (Only Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales as of 0.8, but future updates are planned for additional regional varients. Note that these new varients DO NOT replace the original games Pokémon, normal Vulpix/Ninetales are still in the game, just no longer a starter/partner.)

- Zero Isles now have rare evolution items at the end of the dungeon to reward players for exploring them!

- The Zero Isles are easier to challenge now, with recruiting enabled and a max of 4 party members in all.

- Destiny Tower now allows recruiting, has had it's grudge traps removed, and has had wonder tiles added into upper floors.

All dungeons have been revamped!

Special Thanks:

Thank you to End45 for creating the Move Shortcuts, DisableTips, and SameType Partner patches. (And for beta testing). 


Here's a hyperlink to my Discord where you can report any issues, suggestions, or problems with the game and talk directly to me. We also have a channel with instructions on how to patch and what you will need (We do NOT distribute ROMS):



Version 1.05  - Explorers of Skies Patch (V1.05).xdelta

Version 1.05 Changelog - ChangelogV1.05.txt

Changelogs contain ALL changes made, and documents the newest changes as well.




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This information is for the sake of future posts/edits:
For the sake for other viewers (typically mobile viewers), please place large images in a spoiler. (I've done that for you this time.)
Also, you can directly upload patches to our site. No need to complicate things and use external links.

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12 hours ago, Rochet D Ascap said:

Love this, was looking something like this for a long time.

Are you gonna // did you change the abilities of pkemon in this rom? Like new abilities, hidden abilities and have new attacks?

Thank you!
Move/Ability creation and editing isn't a thing. The only abilities changed are partner/starter abilities and are documented in the changelog.

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On 2/16/2021 at 11:23 PM, Wleohy said:

Hey, Staro, I was wondering if there was a more vanilla version of this mod with only Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales added.

Nope! I don't plan on making anything like this until I finish all the regional forms/Arceus fight.

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