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  1. Hello again, I wanted to ask one question; How did you manage to add fairy type? What values did you change to add it, and how? I tried to add new type too, and had a lot of problems in this part. Maybe your answer will help me with my future attempts to modify something!
  2. Hey, I just want to say thank you very much!!! I have been trying to modify original ROM for years! Very depressing, have been failing all the time. Now, your mod is EXACTLY what I need! Damn, you even added fairy type!!! THIS!!! I am writing this in happy tears, no jokes, I am just so excited because playing this exact rom was my DREAM since I ever played the original one!! i want to try to modify this ROM too, to add my pokesona - the only thing this mod doesn’t have. Can I try? Modded file will most likely not be shared with anyone, I just want to have my pokesona for myself, because it’s very important for me. Can I support the project anyhow? Thank you again!!
  3. Hello. I am trying to make mod that will add new pokemon to Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I will use some of pokemon reserves that i have seen in Starter Mod pokemon list, they are also named "Spare N". But i am very noob, so i have several questions: Where are pokemon data files that can contain things like type and species, moves can be learned by it, model link, and etc? Where can i find "spare" pokemon data? How can i link pokemon and model? Thank you!
  4. Hello! Is there any information about modifying Pokemon types and/or type effectiveness? I want to add fairy type in Explorers of Sky, so i tried to search in StatsUtil folders, but i couldn't find where the types are.
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