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Hello, it's me!

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17 minutes ago, V-CYBER21 said:

But If there is still someone that has the glitch one, is it possible to transfer it from HOME to Sword and Shield or Is it going to get denied to transfer it from HOME?

Like I said, I have a glitch one. I can't think of why they'll stop it.
At most they'll stop online usage (due to ribbons)

I'll test later

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Has literally no one in the community actually released the glitched one yet? That's insane...I was able to trade for one on Home quite awhile back, but I really can't risk Homebrewing my Switch RN. However, in the future, when Nintendo no longer cares about the Switch and the modding/homebrewing scene, or I get access to a 2nd Switch to use for more nefairious means, I could probably trade it over to that one locally, and upload the save from there. But not sure when that could happen. Maybe sooner rather than later, but we'll see.

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