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  1. Do you meant that there could be 5 mewtwos with the same trackernumber on 5 accounts? But not 1 mewtwo and 1 mew with the same tracker number?
  2. Its Gamefreaks fault, not the PkHex guys
  3. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/In-game_trade#List_of_in-game_trades you can check here
  4. From what I understand: yes, as all relevant values for the PID are predetermined.
  5. Why wouldnt it be ok to use Pokemon that dont have your OT? Trading is an essential part of pokemon + Event pokemon usually dont have your OT but a set one. So you'll be fine either way if the pokemon is legal in pkhex. Even if hundreds of people have the same mon, what can Nintendo do? They wont delete those.
  6. Alright, thanks for the quick response!
  7. Hello, I downloaded the following save file: When loading it into my pokehex, it shows me nearly all pkmn as invalid console region. How do I change it to be my correct region and not showing the error? BR Loopy
  8. Hey, I am curently creating a bunch of -pkm files in pokehex for my battle teams. As I have the new version of the switch, I cannot use a cfw and therefore need help with injecting those mons into the game. Is there someone who would help me out? We can discuss about some compensation too. My discord: Loopy#2087 I hope this request is okay. Best regards Loopy
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