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  1. Thanks. Is there a way to order the TRs by name rather than number TR number in the tab by any chance?
  2. Trying to make my Pokemon as legitimate as possible. Some still have flags for Pokemon that have TR moves. Is checking the "Give All" tab replicating something that can be realistically done in game? For example, giving a Pokemon all TRs at some point is something that can actually be done in game?
  3. I'm wondering if there are any methods of legally getting shiny Volcanion & Marshadow in Gen 8? Been seeing some of these and assume they are not legal.
  4. I'm going to try it without Fake Out, it is an egg move but it is showing legal in Pkhex but maybe that is an oversight.
  5. Tried trading over a World Cap Pikachu from the event gallery. PKhex is showing that it is legal, but I cannot trade or even take it into battles. I did give it Fake Out, although it was not flagged as illegal. I also used one that I redeemed myself, but that one too does not seem to work although I gave it another TM move via PKhex so it isn't a pure unedited Pokemon anymore. Is this an issue with the game itself simply not allowing these to be used online yet?
  6. I believe it is possible to obtain a shiny Volcanion and Gensect in the new DLC but haven't been able to get either working myself. If someone has figured it out and got them working I'd appreciate it.
  7. Maybe I misunderstood things, but is shiny Volcanion legal? Likewise for Genesect? I assumed they could be caught as shiny like the legendary in Crown Tundra / Gen 8. But they seemingly won't work for me but I can get the legendary working.
  8. pkmfan

    File Too Large

    Update will probably be out next week, check back then.
  9. No, check back next week. Will probably be up by then. Typically takes a good half a week to a week.
  10. Will take a few days. I can't personally give a time frame as I have no idea, but typically it takes a few days to a week to get these updates out.
  11. Thanks. Looks like you cannot use it in an online battle yet either. Hopefully that changes.
  12. Can the Professor Mewtwo event be transferred to Sword/Shield? Or is it only for Let's Go?
  13. Having a bit of an issue here. Trying to edit the TID of a Ditto caught in Pokemon Y for use in Pokemon Y or Gen 6 games. Want the TID to be 77722 and 77777 with Korean languages. Two separate Dittos. For whatever reason the TID keeps resetting to the default one as soon as I type in the 5th digit. Is there anyway to have Korean language Dittos with those TIDs? If possible can someone create two Korean Dittos with those TIDs above as both shiny and non-shiny (4 different Pokemon total)?
  14. So I am trying to edit ribbons/marks. Essentially want to remove them all on a box by box basis. What would be the commands I need to type in? =Ribbon=0 ? =box=1 (number for each box)?
  15. Assuming the Home giveaway can be transferred into Sword/Shield. If possible may someone share a .pkhex file for Sword/Shield for the shiny Zeraora?
  16. So I know Zarude isn't released yet, but all the data is in right? So we can check move pool and the like?
  17. No DLC (just the update), have Sword, cannot open the main file, get the same error.
  18. Can't seem to open a save file from the updated game. Just updated PKhex. Made an export of the save but still get the file size is too large error? Edit: Redownloaded, re-exported save file from after the update. The only main files I can open are from before the update. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. What is the difference between the glitch version? Can these be traded in Sword/Shield?
  20. Need to wait for an update. Any ETA for when that will be? Probably a day or so, but I am simply guessing.
  21. Would take me just about as much time, I do have a particular order but was thinking about doing that first. Is there a way to completely delete a box of Pokemon (not export them)?
  22. So lets say between box 1-20 I have 30 slots with unoccupied Pokemon. Can I move them all "forward" so there is no unoccupied slot left, leaving me with 19 total boxes full as the Pokemon are "pushed forward" or "compressed"
  23. Looking for a .PK8 for the new Gmax Eevee with Anticipation. Also looking for a Kanto Weezing that was bred from Koffing in Sword/Shield if possible. I believe they can only be transferred from previous generations but if I am wrong and someone has a .PK8 for one that originated in Sword/Shield I'd appreciate it.
  24. Just looking for the Pikachu from the raid, not the raid itself. Might have worded that wrong. Will check later, thanks.
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