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  1. When using the simulated HOME starters, I have noticed that they have the "As Egg" flag checked on the Met tab. I am assuming this is a mistake since you receive them as the Pokémon rather than the eggs in HOME.
  2. Just wondering if there would be any simulated wondercards for the recent Home distributions from transferring Pokémon from BDSP and PLA?
  3. When checking my Pokémon with the "Verify All PKMs" Button in PKHeX 20220508, I noticed that it was flagging two Charizard that I got from the same max raid a while ago as clones even though they were caught in different games. Interestingly also they also have different met locations even though it was the same max raid. Sword Charizard 006 - Charizard - 03810901B14D.pk8 Shield Charizard 006 - Charizard - 5CEE0901B14D.pk8
  4. The steps to change it should be 1. Open your save 2. Go to the SAV tab 3 Click on the Trainer Info button 4. It will open on the Overview tab and there will be a dropdown with the gender to change it
  5. I noticed a problem when using the shoes block. There are some Ankle Boots colours that don't appear in the shop and they all have the Ivory colour's model from when viewed in the change clothes menu instead of the correct colour for their description. The problematic ones are Sapphire, Tangerine, Amethyst, Azalea, Blue spruce, Charteuse, Scarlet and Teal.
  6. I noticed that Zarude is missing from you SwSh Pokémon. Is there any reason it is missing?
  7. Would you be able to do like Renegade Platinum and have old versions of the patch available?
  8. Thanks. I only tried saving the the ToolStrip and other form objects and it wasn't working. Don't know why I didn't think about storing the array.
  9. I am trying to modify my plugin so that the menu items are changed when NotifySaveLoaded is called based on the game version loaded but when I try to do this nothing happens. Is there a way to do this?
  10. Is there a guide for which hex values correspond to which clothes yet?
  11. I know it worked for me to add the Manaphy Eff to my save file. It might be wise to upload the before and after files so that the more experienced members can try to debug the problem. Also, you should probably change the topic to "Technical Discussions > Saves > Saves - Editing Help" so that it can be found by the correct people.
  12. I see you added save data for BDSP but not for Let's Go and SwSh. What metric do you use to decide if to upload the save or not?
  13. Currently flashcarts don't have IR features so some of the features in these games can't be fully used with them. Is there any documentation on 1) what the circuitry for the IR looks like that is connected to the game's circuit board? 2) how the API calls are done to use the IR hardware? I am trying to understand how it works and figure either what would need to be done for a flashcart to add this to it, or if there was someway to intercept the calls meant for the game's hardware and redirect to 3DS hardware.
  14. To get a Pokémon from your machine that you generated with PKHeX to your game, you would have to export your save from the game using Checkpoint then you can copy the Pokémon into that save in PKHeX. Save the save file and copy back it to the console. Then using Checkpoint to inject the save back into your game with the modified Pokémon. And, trasnferring to Home would be the same as usual from that point on.
  15. From looking at the code it looks like that plugin was original made with PKHeX Core 20.10.10 which had that property FileName as part of the SaveFile class found here. But, at some point it appears that was removed or moved to somewhere else between 20.11.28 and 20.12.30. So it appears to be incompatibility with the versions of PKHeX and the plugin. Solutions are to use an earlier version of PKHeX with the plugin or try to submit an update the plugin to get it working with the latest PKHeX.
  16. Is the downloadable content for Pokémon Conquest preserved and is there any way inject it into a new save?
  17. Is there any way in PKHeX to edit which Medals you have in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2?
  18. Raising this issue since the rule sets preserved are still only up to Series 3. Note that the rules have been moved to their own repo here.
  19. I am new to modifying roms and want to add a new area to the game without changing the data for the existing routes? Is there a way to add new map headers either with SDSME or by some other tool?
  20. @ZeArk, In the Error Log I see the line In my experience, you would usually get that when the Plugin is compiled with a different version from the PKHeX you are using. So it might be useful to make sure that PKHeX and the plugin state the same PKHeX version.
  21. During the Players Cup 3 Finals stream, there was a code for a free Weakness Policy: WPF1NALSPC3 It is valid until April 26th 2021 Source: https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1385658732688912387
  22. Can't give you exactly what you need but there is a set of contributed Pokémon Emerald saves located at https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/3834-pokémon-emerald/ where can try to move forward from their save 5 to get back to the league and with PKHeX you should be able to make your Pokémon yourself. Hopefully this is helpful.
  23. During the Players Cup 3 stream, there was a code for a free Dream Ball: DREAMB1GPC3 It is valid until April 12th 2021. Source: https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1380947171567099905
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