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Has anyone used the R4i save dongle here, and how good is it to transfer saves from cartridge to PkHex to cartridge?


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Title. Want to know before I buy one. 


I'm looking for something that would allow me to transfer saves from the cartridge to the computer, edit it with PkHex, and then transfer the edited save back to the cartridge. Heard the R4i save dongle works, so I figured I'd ask around. 


I know it's only for DPPt/BW/B2W2.

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Do you have access to a homebrew? (NDS Flashcart or 3DS CFW)

NDS there is a homebrew app that runs via a flashcart to backup save data to its sd card (can even be used to backup GBA Saves on a DS lite/phat)

3DS use Checkpoint

Both are free.


(Just my two cents)

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TWLSaveTool on a homebrew enabled 3DS is the way to go for backing up and restoring DS saves.

For GBA games GBA Backup Tool used with a DS Flashcard on a DS / DS Lite is the most user friendly way I find.

No need to worry about drivers / operating systems with the above tools, all you need is the ability to read an SD / Micro SD card on your computer.

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