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Explorers of the Sky wondermail codes!!!!


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Heres a one, if you wish to use....

Let's find the Rare Fossil!

Prospect with Exeggcute

Place: Dusk Forest 6f

no restrictions

reward : vile seed + ?

Wonder mail code:

HMWS1 @3Q=-TQ %%37K

HXC7@ PQF6#J4 5#P80

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Forgot the title, but here's the deal....

Find Pecha Berry

Reward: recruit Client

Prospect with client

Place: Drenched Bluff

Client*Drumroll*: MEW!!!!:grog:

(Amazing, I know!)

Wonder mail code:

0K=%8 4@2N@XX YR93%


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That is so nice collection.Well after finding your this comment there is no need for any book reading search of last few years.I like your idea for distributing the books by years.Thats so nice attempts with links.Please continue this type of activity.Thank you for sharing such a nice comment. ans sources

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I go to sites and YouTube to find WonderMail S codes. Everyone i type in does not work. I check to see if i mistyped anything, and I haven't

Has it got something to do with US/UK version of the game?

If you're using the EU version, use this website to convert the US codes : http://apointlessplace.net/wms/wmconvert.html . Remember that the game is Explorers of the sky, not Time/Darkness.

Otherwise here's a website offering a big collection of Wondermail S codes : http://b.domaindlx.com/cg103006/sky_wondermails/index.htm , files are too large to fit as an attachment, credit goes to the original uploader.

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