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  1. Wouldn't it be easier just to get one off the pokewalker?
  2. Just wanted to point out that the shiny and nature codes don't work with eggs and the starters. It also locks up when you try to battle a legendary or intractable pokemonn.
  3. I wanted my special Pichu to have a decent nature even if I cant use it competitively, however no matter how many times I restart it is always naughty. According to serebii the nature is random. Anyone know how it works. Thanks
  4. I need one for a firestone if anyone has one.
  5. Luvdisc for me. And I quote from Somgon. "We'll take a generic Water-type, give it crummy stats EVERYWHERE except for Speed, give him a trait that doubles his Speed in the rain and the option to use Agility and call it a day. Luvdisc is great if you're playing with Battle Timeout, because its mere presence should cause your opponent to laugh at it for so long that you win the match." http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/luvdisc
  6. Wait do you wnat the secret I.D. of your DS Game or the FireRed File?
  7. Uggg torn between the two. Dialga has the better design but, Palkia has better typing and moves.:bidoof:
  8. I still have both lol. My mew is on crystal and my offical document is hiding somewhere in my closet.:tongue:
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