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  1. druboyks

    Game Sync

    Hey I was wondering, if you hack your game, will that affect your game syncing? Edit: FYI: No...no it doesn't.
  2. oh, I must've misread Serebii.net then.
  3. Ok, all this PID info is all well and good, but there is a gap that I can see: I don't see any explanation of how Method words. For example my pokemon's method is 2 (A-B-C-E), so I'm not sure if it is legal at this point. I have read the PID discussing gender, nautre, shininess, but it doesn't seem to cover this. Perhaps, you could cover this in the first post; it would go far to alleviate confusion.
  4. I have a question...I thought Zerkom/Reshiram could be shiny as long as they came from Dragon Spiral Tower? If so, then how do you get around Nintendo's lockout (ie. the screen goes blank and won't load)? (I think that this belongs here...it is a question, and it is about legalities, so I am sorry if I did not post it in the right place).
  5. I am looking for a device that will allow me to back up my Animal Crossing game on my Wii. I want to sell my Wiii, but I may change my mind someday and start playing it again. On that day, I am hoping to be able to pick up where I left off. I basically want to back up my AC town onto something like a memory card or a flash drive. Any ideas?
  6. druboyks

    Dr Crusher

    Oh Ok...my mist. Thank you.
  7. druboyks

    Dr Crusher

    (side note: sorry to the creator of the pokegen master; I was very tired when I PMed you; it will not happen again). I am trying to create an Audino, and name it Dr. Crusher, but question marks keep getting added to the name. She is female and gets generated in box 1 if that helps. Note: I will just have to use the standard name, and find the name rater later.
  8. I would like to use this app, but I only speak/read English & Spanish. Any chance that there will be an English version?
  9. Thanks a bunch, it totally works. I created my modest Oshawott, now I can finally begin my journey through Unova.
  10. I guess most of us will have to wait until a code like the ones in the past (cash=secret ID) code to crop up. Oh well, thanks for the code anyway, I am glad it works for you.
  11. Where/how are we suppose to see the SID code? Is it the money or what? If it's the money, then the code is no good. If it is ID No. then it shows my original trainer ID, but nothing I didn't know without the code. Isn't that the same code as the one above?
  12. druboyks

    New to Pokegen

    1. At this time, it is too unclear. One would think yes, but I personally am waiting for a Secret ID code (no, you can't find it in your game, normally...that's why it's secret) so that way I can make my pokemon more legit. (search for one of my other posts). Secret IDs are Nintendo's way of cutting down hacked pokemon, and differentiating your pokemon from someone else's, if both you and the other person both have the same Trainer ID (which can be seen on your trainer card). 2.Not really, but it is the fastest way, in my opinion to get hacked pokemon onto your game. There is another method that uses the GTS or maybe even the Hyper GTS to get them that way, but that is one method I never really wanted to research.
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