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A New LOCAL WIRELESS Event was Announced for Korean Players.

From Sept. 15-26 a Pokemon Festa takes Place in Lotte Department Store Seoul, there distribute a Metagross Lv. 50 based on the Korean National Champion, Suwoong Cheong's  that he used to win the Pokémon World Championships

OT: 정수웅
ID: 180915 or 091518?
Ability: Clear Body
- Iron Head
- Ice Punch
- Bullet Punch 
- Stomping Tantrum
Ribbon: Event or Champion
Met Location:

Source: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/news/835

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28 minutes ago, Lithos said:

Hi, do we know if this event is distributed by a physical device ? (like distribution cartridge)


Best regards

Based on what is known for Gen 6 and 7 distributions, unlikely.

as far as we can tell, it's distributed using a 3DS with no cart inside (based on photographs a staff got for us from the Japan distribution of Birthday mons, and a member showing us various Korean infrared distributions).

While I can't say for sure for Nashville, we see network relays set up, so it could be relaying a distribution from a 3DS or some kind of computer setup.

either way, don't think Gen 6 and 7 use any carts to distribute Pokemon..

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