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Found 6 results

  1. A New LOCAL WIRELESS Event was Announced for Korean Players. From Sept. 15-26 a Pokemon Festa takes Place in Lotte Department Store Seoul, there distribute a Metagross Lv. 50 based on the Korean National Champion, Suwoong Cheong's that he used to win the Pokémon World Championships Metagross Lv.50 OT: 정수웅 ID: 180915 or 091518? Item: Nature: Ability: Clear Body - Iron Head - Ice Punch - Bullet Punch - Stomping Tantrum Ribbon: Event or Champion Met Location: Source: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/news/835
  2. Nothing competitive, just want a beldum on my team from the beginning. Thanks!
  3. FC: 3841-1122-0767 Stats: Modest Level 100 384 HP 212 Attack 214 Defense 438 Special Attack 310 Special Defense 237 Speed IVs: 31 HP 31 Attack 29 Defense 31 Special Attack 25 Special Defense 31 Speed EVs: 174 HP 252 Special Attack 84 Speed Trading for: 6IV Timid Shiny Charizard 6IV Adamant/Jolly Shiny Metagross 5IV Hidden Power Ice Modest Rotom 6IV Adamant Bisharp 6IV Timid Shiny Greninja 6IV Adamant Shiny Aegislash
  4. Greets, Could somebody Pokesav me the following Pokemon; Note must be-able to pass the PBR check process to battle online. AR Code or .pkm File would be fine - I would be eternally greatful if you could create this for me, i have tried and failed.
  5. Shinny Metagross + PokeSav Platinum Greets, My first post so i hope this is ok? ..I have recently downloaded Pokesav for Platinum and have been getting along fine with it (tested on a couple of pokemon) however i have now run into a wall. I'm trying to get a Shiny Metagross with the elemental punches Ice and Thunder and each time i complete the process ( Export AR code, add code to Platinum - Obtain Shiny Met' save and power off; copy to PBR ) it fails when i try to battle on Pokemon Battle Rev'. I'm stopped by the Nintendo filter and basical told "pokemon" on battle pass unable to battle - By which it means my Shiny Metagross.. [ Confirmed: The moment i remove him from the pass, i Can battle online again ] I have tried different settings resetting the PID etc, but I'm stopped EVERY time i reach the PBR. This is what I'm After: Trainer Name: Scar Metagross Shiny: IVS: 31 HP, 31 Atk, 31 Def, 31 Spe, X SpA (doesn't matter 0 is fine) 31 SpD Jolly @ Choice Scarf EVS: 30HP, 252 Atk 228 Spe Premier Ball (If possible) ~ Zen Headbutt ~ Thunder Punch ~ Earthquake ~ Ice Punch > This is acutally the only reason i downloaded the Pokesav; As i don't know any other means of getting a Elemental Puching Metagross. ( I dont own Ruby Etc ) Normally i would just breed for something like this, but it's pretty pointless in-view of the fact Beldum does not inherit moves etc. So i could get the IVs, EV train but of course no Ice or Thunder punch. I really just need help on how to get my elemental punching Metagross passed the /hack check/ on PBR as my attemps are just failing =(.. Additional details: I have been selecting these as the Options: Met at Lv45 (Pal Park) Hometown: Hoenn (Emerald) Trainer ID: 36164 (made up) S-ID: 44101 (made up) Gender - none PID: 3523670788 Class: 1 Shinny Perhaps someone could confirm straight away what the problem is; I would be very greatful for any help on things like Lv Met, Random ID for trainer perhaps, Class 1 or 2 option things like that. I really don't know how to resolve this My Current (failure of a) Code: Box 18 - Slot1 [ L+R ] Regards DaN
  6. im looking for EV trained metagross and salamence. I dont car about the moves, or if they are hacked.(but if they are hacked shiny would be nice) im offering all hacked but legit pokemon which are: Lucario adament lvl60 electivire adament lvl60 weavile adament lvl68 Scizor adament with technician lvl 67 Hitmonlee adamant lvl 61 Zapdos modest lvl66 thanks in advance
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