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  1. Hi, do we know if this event is distributed by a physical device ? (like distribution cartridge) Best regards
  2. Hey there, thank you for your answer ! So this thing has nothing to do with the legitimacy of my cartridge then, good to know Have a good day all, Best regards
  3. Hey, Thank you for your quick answer, really appreciate it I just read all the 27 pages of this topic and couldnt find any answer... Even when looking on the web ! So if someone, my savior, can help me with this, i'll send him a few legit event Mon from EUR version ahah Have a good day all, Best regards
  4. Hey guys, I got a serious question about distribution cartridge (French EU collector of these), does anyone know them well so maybe he can answer me ? got a couple of these , one that i got in a game shop and which is clearly legit (dialga, palkia and giratina shiny), two others that i got at nice price from ebay. afer studying them carefully i can tell at 99% there real, but i got a question on distribution screen so if anybody there can help me with it ill be very glad to listen to him/her The question is about the "Cha." word during distribution. How does it work ? I've sometimes Cha. 1, then Cha.7 and still didnt understand why the number are changing. It work perfectly fine, and once again, the cartridge are real for me (nintendo seal and sticker are same as the first one i got in the game shop i worked in). Thanks a lot for your aswer; Best regards
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