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USUM: New Pokémon move revealed & Zeraora Battle Video

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The Official Pokémon Japan website has revealed a new move that presently can only be used by Zeraora: Plasma Fists.
As revealed last year by dataminers:
The user attacks with electrically charged fists. This move changes Normal-type moves to Electric-type moves.

Alongside the reveal, a battle code was given out to players, allowing players to witness Zeraora in action.
With the code, players can choose to watch a pre-recorded battle video, OR have a mock battle against Zeraora!

Hackers immediately took the chance to dump the battle video and extracted the Zeraora used in the battle.
All the Pokémon used in the battle has been uploaded to our Unreleased Gallery!

The Battle Code:

Until the official event release, have fun battling against Zeraora!


Plasma Fists video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZBhlCZq5kE
Battle Code announcement: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3254
Dumped Zeraora file: https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/989382638937899008

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On 4/27/2018 at 1:27 PM, ultrapokemon1000 said:

cool i like this new pokemon is it out 

It's officially announced, not officially released (yet), but a pk7 has been dumped.

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