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    these Saves files are the best people please do download it i recommend it to you all
  1. thanks so Much @PokemonKing99 i really like the save files you have created there are really good pokemon in the saves i also like the gif file you made to the updated version of the file thank again
  2. My favourite Pokemon is pokemon Sword of Justices becuase it is a lot fun where Keledo trains with terrakion cobalion virizion and tries to fight with with Kyurem and that he finds Ash and his friends. He then helps Keledo to be brave and fight Kyurem the 2 second time. Very fun and enjoyable to watch i do recommend you people of Project Pokemon to watch this movie
  3. I Just love your Pictures at your gallery album they are really good

    Please people do check out his Album Pictures they are the best 

  4. i really like the gif that you have in your Album

    love it 

  5. Can i have a event pokemon for shaymin please thanks
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    2. theSLAYER


      I have no idea what you are talking about

    3. ultrapokemon1000
    4. ultrapokemon1000


      how do you get awards and trophies i would like to know

  6. we know each other on VR Chatroom try it out sometime that is fine you resolved the problem
  7. can the ability be liquid voice please can you upload a file like that please of poppilo thanks
  8. this file is going to be useful for my save file for UsUm thanks @theSLAYER i would like to say add the hidden ability to the starers please i think a lot of people might be happy to this change
  9. please can someone help me with this problem please i beg of you
  10. that is soooo cool we are going to get a darkrai soon that have moves like that can not wait
  11. So i am new to this website and i hope i placed this forum in the correct place please change it if i made the mistake thank you anyways my problem is that where do i locate saved battle videos to pokemon UsUm please tell what folder do i go into becuase i would like to watch it on my pc please help me thanks for your help
  12. i think the new eevee type is going to be a dragon type i like dragon pokemon they are really cool and the best type for me @PokemoKing99
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