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Fullness and Enjoyment Pokemon Sun and Moon


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11 hours ago, JISN064 said:

I did it without any problems.

722 - Rowlet - 79F9B955D07A.pk7

Thank you for testing my Rowlet!

22 minutes ago, Holla! said:

I also have this problem on the latest. Unticking "Modify PKM Info" can only fix this for me. :/

Thank you Holla!  Unticking Modify PKM Info solves my issue.  @JISN064, do you have Modify PKM Info unticked as well?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I Tried changing a Pokemon's Fullness and Enjoyment, but for some reason they aren't applying when I set the Pokemon. I Also tried from batch editor and it still didn't work (Editing Moon save).

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2 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

In the future please search the forums first regarding any issues or questions before making a new thread.  

Same thing happened to me a not too long ago.  My problem was solved.  Here's the link to that thread.  


So why doesn't it work for me?

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1 minute ago, jasenyoface said:


To understand you correctly, unticking Modify PKM Info did not resolve the issue you're having?

Ohhh oops, i just scrolled through that and i thought i needed to disable check legal flag or smt

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  • 4 years later...

Sorry to bump a very old thread, but I'm trying to edit a save from Dio Vento's Pokemon Sun hack to reduce affection to zero (it's making the game too easy). However as above I can't seem to get the new affection value to save, even after I have unchecked 'modify pkm info':


I'm using the latest version of PKHex and a save extracted using JSKV/M. Thanks!

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