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  1. Then how would you know what PID is actually legal?
  2. I asked about this before, and architdate told me that if PKHeX says it's legal, then it is legal. I also looked it up a bit and found out that there are only so many PIDs, and that some natures can't have perfect IVs. If what you're saying is true, then how can I know what is actually legal? will RNG Reporter or PokeFinder know?
  3. That's what I've been using, and while it does come out legal, I want to have one with perfect or close to perfect IVs. Problem is, PIDs that come out of RNG reporter aren't legal for some reason.
  4. I'm trying to gen a Raikou that came from gen 3 from the Party of the Decade event (OT name is 10 ANIV), but I can't seem to generate a PID for him using RNG Reporter or PokeFinder. The method I'm using is Method 1 Reverse, and what's weird about this is that some of the PIDs with the lower IVs work, and the ones with higher IVs don't work. I've been trying for hours now and I can't seem to create one.
  5. would like to know as well.
  6. Is there any reason why Mystery Mew turns illegal once I change the met game? On PKHeX, it's considered legal if the met game is Ruby, but if I change it to other gen 3 games, it suddenly turns illegal for some reason. I checked on both serebii and bulbapedia, and they both state that Mystery Mew was distributed to all Core Gen 3 games.
  7. I'm trying to create a Lapras that originated from XD/Colo. Everything is completely legal, but I always get "Encounter Type PID Mismatch". I tried using RNG Reporter to generate a PID with the right nature, IVs and gender, but I still get the error. I even went to the encounter table, and I still get the error without even making any changes.
  8. But then I get "Invalid egg location, expected none". Then I set it to none, then set it in the PC, but then the next time I view the pokemon, it's not from an egg anymore.
  9. Hey, I'm having a problem here creating a pokemon on pkhex, I'm trying to create a pokemon that was hatched in gen 3 and transferred to gen 7, but I'm always getting "Invalid level met for transfer" and I have no idea why. I tried setting the level to 1 and 0, but yet still.
  10. Which of these pokemon were from events? I'm asking because I want to change the OT name and the IDs, except for the ones that came with a custom trainer name and IDs at events.
  11. This might be the wrong forum to ask this at, so correct me if I'm wrong. I have a save here with every pokemon from their origin games, on a USUM save. How can I make it so every one of them has every possible and legal ribbon they can have? For example, a gen 4 pokemon can have some ribbons from contests or from beating the sinnoh league. and of course, I can't give these ribbons to a gen 7 pokemon, since they're not in gen 4 games. Basically, every individual pokemon would have the max numbers of ribbons it can have legitimately. Is there a fast way to do it, or the only way is to just do it manually?
  12. Would it be ok to just change the OT name, as well with IDs in the batch editor? I figured some pokemon are probably from events with a custom name and ID.
  13. that aged poorly
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