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  1. Which of these pokemon were from events? I'm asking because I want to change the OT name and the IDs, except for the ones that came with a custom trainer name and IDs at events.
  2. This might be the wrong forum to ask this at, so correct me if I'm wrong. I have a save here with every pokemon from their origin games, on a USUM save. How can I make it so every one of them has every possible and legal ribbon they can have? For example, a gen 4 pokemon can have some ribbons from contests or from beating the sinnoh league. and of course, I can't give these ribbons to a gen 7 pokemon, since they're not in gen 4 games. Basically, every individual pokemon would have the max numbers of ribbons it can have legitimately. Is there a fast way to do it, or the only way is to just do it manually?
  3. Would it be ok to just change the OT name, as well with IDs in the batch editor? I figured some pokemon are probably from events with a custom name and ID.
  4. that aged poorly
  5. Is it possible for anyone of the program's developers to add the option to add the trainer stamps for Sun and Moon, and if so, can you do it?
  6. oh i see. btw, what's distsupertrain?
  7. Hi, im trying to change the medals on the super training via batch editor, but what do i need to type after the line? im trying to type 1 but that doesnt work.
  8. Win 10, and there's no need for a screenshot, its just after i change and press mass edit, i go to check on pkhex but its still the same as before, and if i open as an admin, then i cant drag and drop the files
  9. well, it's nice that it's finally out, but it doesn't change most of things, for example memories, met location, language and region, ribbons... well, it doesn't change much, i thought i'd try to open as an administrator, but then i cant drag and drop
  10. Are you going to update that for gen7 by any chance? the one on github is a little broken
  11. i'm trying to upload a pk1 file, but it tells me that the file needs to be either 56 or 67 bytes, but mine is 69 (oh my) bytes, and i know its working.
  12. Does anyone knows how can i remove the latest handler via batch editor? if i type nothing then nothing will happen when i try to do it
  13. You saved me SO MUCH time you wouldn't even believe, Thanks! Edit: But i do have a problem with editing them, when i edit them, half of the pokemon doesn't seem to have max friendship, even though i did
  14. but is it okay to play with them outside of online? like vs npcs or something
  15. ok thanks, btw, what can happen if you import an illegal pokemon into the game?
  16. im trying to make chespin from an egg but when im checking it tells me that its not a valid encounter, why is that?
  17. why when im trying to create an OR treecko, the pkhex tells me not a valid encounter? also, what's the encounter for a transferred pokemon from omega ruby?
  18. So i did some changes on a Pokemon Black 2 save, i used pokegen to complete the pokedex and to change the ev and iv and the nature of a pokemon, and its gender. so after that i saved the file as a .dsv file, which replaced the existing .dsv file (im using an emulator) but when i loaded the game, it loaded like there was no save file. after that i tried to save the file as an .sav file and load a battery from the emulator which did loaded the save file. but after that i noticed, it didn't changed everything. it did made a complete pokedex, but it didn't changed the pokemon i was editing. after that i tried to edit the pokemon with a different editor and it did changed the iv, ev, nature, gender and everything i wanted to change on that pokemon. but now its problematic since that editor that worked isn't working on heart gold and soul silver which i want to edit on.
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