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Help transfering Pokémon from 4 gen to 3 gen


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Hello everyone.

I need some help into transfering Pokémon from Diamond into my Emerald. Why? Because I transfered they as a kid, but I want they back, I still have both games without new game and it would be amazing to see they back into Hoenn.

I know that officially isn't possible to transfer backwards, but since days ago I know that is possible doing this:


Though you might be able to recover your Pokemon as Pal Park doesn't delete the whole Pokemon data. It only sets the species ID to zero. So if you didn't move any other Pokemon onto the box slot, where the Pokemon you want to recover was before the transfer, it's data should still be there.

You can search your Pokemon by it's PID in a hex editor.

If you found your Pokemon save it's 80 Bytes into a new file. The problem now is that you can't load the Pokemon in PKHeX directly as it's species ID is invalid. So you have to decrypt it and fix the species ID at offset 0x20 as well as the checksum at 0x1C manually. Then PKHeX will be able to load it again.

This is from @BlackShark, from this threat:

I don't know if anyone can do a program to do this, or a little guide step by step with images, I tried to do this by myself but I wasn't capable to convert the files. If anyone wants to test, I leave there both saves and one Pokémon that I want to transfer.

260 - SWAMPERT - 6C2404D6D618.pk4

Pokemon - Edicion Esmeralda (Spain).sav


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1 minute ago, coltonsmogon said:

Shouldn't it be upgraded to support backwards conversion though? I don't get it... :S

PKHeX only supports what I want it to; I don't want unofficial backwards conversion associated with PKHeX.

Other projects can reuse PKHeX.Core to accomplish their own methods of conversion, which is what pk2pk does. Single/Mass conversion to a desired format.

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