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SM - Movie Ho-Oh


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Wow! The amount of distributions this year, probably the most I've heard for a movie with 6 Ash hat Pikachu, Marshadow and now Ho-Oh. So 8 in total!

Also, Ho-Oh being a distribution this gen means it has the + mark as well as being able to have a PokeDex entry language in Chinese!

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4 hours ago, Sabresite said:

Will this be serial code?

There doesn't seem to be any details regarding this yet (I've glanced through the relevant text boxes).

Since it isn't a pre-release/pre-order distribution, details will likely come 1 or 2 months before the movie.
(It could easily be in the movie theatre [I think hoopa movie had distributions like this],
or receive serial code card upon buying tickets over counter at the cinema [SG/MY Volcanion].)

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