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Colosseum's Ho-oh or XD's Lugia.

Mewtwo Ex

Colosseum's Ho-oh or XD's Lugia?  

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  1. 1. Colosseum's Ho-oh or XD's Lugia?

    • Lugia was easyer to get
    • Ho-oh was easyer to get
    • They we equal hard to get
    • I don't need any of them i will have HG/SS

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Who was easier to obtain for you?

Colosseum's Ho-oh or xD's Lugia?

[sprite]249[/sprite] or [sprite]250[/sprite]

Lugia or Ho-oh

To obtain Lugia and transfer it to a GBA game you need:

To purify its heart.


And to do so, you must have all purify chambers in their maximum rotations. That requires all other shadow Pokemon to be there.

And when that happens...

ShadowLugia.png [sprite]249[/sprite]

^ This becomes into this ^

And to obtain the Legendary Bird [sprite]250[/sprite] Ho-oh, is needed that the player completed the story mode.

And after all of the game is done is left only one thing:

To take the Mt.Battle Challenge.

This is a bit hard but should be the same.

The protagonist must battle 100 trainer without going back or leaving. There is a bonus try every time you loose. If you battle without loosing until the very top can have up to 15 tries.

However even if you defeat the #100 trainer Mattle, you need to have a spare spot in your first box.

After you complete your battle successfully you receive: [sprite]250[/sprite]

So who do you think is easier to get?




Post your thoughts below.

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Pokémon xD Gale of Darkness's Lugia is far easier, as it is part of the story and the Purification Process only requires you having to catch more Pokémon and purify them and put them in the machine.

Ho-Oh in Pokémon Colosseum was more difficult as you would have to battle 100 trainers which could take a while.

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I only got to, say, 40 on Mt. Battle. And didn't you also have to purify all of the Shadow Pokemon too? I really wanted that Ho-oh, but not enough. :P

Lugia, on the other hand, was totally SICK. I trained him up a bit, but then in the GTS I saw a level 100 Lugia for any Lugia. I was naive and knew it was probably hacked, but I went for it anyways. That thing was a beast! :biggrin:

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Thats genuis. I think it was a bunch easier for me with my level 70 something Herocross.(so named becasue it crushed the game) But purification was way more of a pain in the original also, so Ho-oh is definetely harder, but with HG and SS coming out the value of those will go down.

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Lugia was definitely easier to get. Despite the OP's assertations, acquiring every Shadow Pokemon was not at all required. In fact, you needed only thirty-six other Pokemon (though they had to have the correct type matchups, which you can get either by selective captures or trading) to purify Lugia, which is nowhere near the 89 total Shadow Pokemon in xD, or even as many as the 51 required to get Ho-oh. Further, you do not need to complete the 100 trainer battle to get to Lugia. Even if you had, Lugia would still have been easier to get as xD's 100 Battle fight permitted saving between each battle, which I do not believe Collosseum's did.

The difficulty of acquiring Ho-oh in Collosseum is comparable to the difficulty of acquiring Shadow Dragonite and one of the Johto starters in Pokemon xD (although, again, the save changes mean that Collosseum is still harder), both of which take more effort than catching and purifying Shadow Lugia.

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If you ask me, it was probrably lugia that was easier because you can get through the course of story, unlike colosseum which had much more difficulty. It took me over a year to just figure out HOW to get ho-oh and like another 2 months to finnally beat it and claim my ho-oh. I remember when I first saw ho-oh after defeating evice at the Relgem Tower and I felt very happy because I thought it was going to land and join my team but I was so peaved off when it turned out you had to purrify all the shadow pokemon AND defeat Mt. Battle on battle mode But when I met Shadow Lugia I just threw the masterball and I relized that no matter what I did I couldn't purify it. I thought that mabye gamefreak was just trolling and just gave us like a fake lugia that could only ever be used in xD until i maxed out the tempo and I was shocked when I relized that it was instantly purified. These Pokemon were a major treasure until I got the Mysticticket on pokemon emerald and just used emerald's cloning glitch HAHAHAHAHA!!! So I simply cloned the ones I had caught and sent them to my other Games.

One other thing I relized was that Lugia was the easeist or hardest pokemon to purify depending on how you played with your other pokemon. Because if are responsible and use the purify chamber as much as you can, you can have the chamber fully operational(all maxed out tempos) before you even reached citidark isle. So then you can purify lugia right after you get it. I also think it's ironic how hard Cipher worked on it to make it "unpurifyable" and it is purified so easy. I just want to yell at Cipher "You CLaim that your Shadow Lugia was unpurifyable and yet it was acttually the easist one for me to purify! Suckers!"

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